Transferring funds from an older meter to SendPro Mailstation

Follow these steps to transfer funds from an older meter to your new SendPro Mailstation device.
Products affected: SendPro® Mailstation, SendPro® Mailstation LITE (HZ0L)

If you upgrade to a SendPro Mailstation from an older meter such as a DM100i-DM225 meter, follow these steps to remove funds from your old meter and add funds to your new SendPro Mailstation.

Step 1: Withdraw your funds from the old meter

Follow the procedure to withdraw the funds from your old meter to your original funding source(s). Select your old meter for instructions.

mailstation™ and mailstation2™DM100®i, DM200L™, DM125™, DM225™

Once you remove funds from your old meter, the funds return to your original payment method within 24 hours.

Step 2: Add funds to your SendPro® Mailstation

Follow the procedure to add funds from your funding source to your SendPro® Mailstation:

UPDATED: July 18, 2023