Getting ready for your new SendPro C200-C425

Products affected:

SendPro® C200, SendPro® C300, SendPro® C400 (1H00, 2H00)
SendPro® C425 (7H00, 8H00)

Your new SendPro C200-C425 system will arrive soon. To ensure a smooth transition, here are three important steps you can take now – before your system arrives.  

1. Get ready to connect

Your new C200-C425 system communicates over the Internet, using either a wired or WiFi network connection, to provide you with greater access to Pitney Bowes and to carriers such as USPS and UPS. 

  • Internet connections:
    • Wired: Ensure that a network port and a network cable are available for your system. 
    • Wireless (WiFi): Your system automatically detects your WiFi network.
    • Dial-up (analog) phone line connections are not supported.
  • Electrical outlets: Ensure that you have one outlet for the C200-C425 and one for your optional shipping label printer. 

For in-depth information, see your SendPro C200-C425 Connectivity Guide.


2. Get your postage funds set up

  • Do you have an existing postage payment account set up?
    • Check your balance in your Pitney Bowes postage funds account (Purchase Power, Reserve Account).
    • If transitioning from an existing Pitney Bowes system, any remaining funds in your current system get transferred to your C200-C425. 
    • To print trackable labels, you must download funds from your Pitney Bowes account to the shipping application.
  • Need a new postage payment method set up?

3. Get ready to print trackable labels for Priority Mail®, large envelopes and package services

Use the SendPro online | PitneyShip™ shipping application to print shipping labels and track packages from your computer—even before your SendPro C200-C425 arrives. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign in to SendPro online | PitneyShip™.
  2. Add your contacts: Go to the Address Book tab and select the + sign. Add an address or import multiple addresses. 
  3. Add funds. From the SendPro home page, select USPS, then add funds to your USPS carrier account using the + sign next to Available Postage.

Once you add your contacts and funds, you’re ready to start shipping from your computer. (You can ship packages from your SendPro C200-C425 meter once it arrives.)


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How is the SendPro C200-C425 different from a classic postage meter?

A: The C200-C425 prints postage on envelopes and flats, along with printing approved USPS shipping labels. 

  • Shipping labels qualify you for Commercial Base Pricing and automatic package tracking. 
  • Access your preferred carrier accounts, including USPS, UPS and other major carriers, from the same device you use to send mail. 
  • Ship, track and manage your costs across all three major carriers. 


Q: What are the benefits of printing a trackable label with USPS?

A:  Benefits include:

  • Save by automatically qualifying for USPS Commercial Base pricing. 
  • Print a label that includes your return address, “ship to” address, and a tracking barcode. 
  • Use one address list for all three carriers – USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®.
  • Track packages for all three carriers from the same place.


Q: What discounts are available when printing a trackable label?

A: USPS offers Commercial Base Pricing to clients who print trackable labels, with access to discounts of up to 39% off retail rates. Your actual savings may vary depending on weight, zone, and services requested.


Q: What are my options for funding my postage and shipping accounts?

A: Most Pitney Bowes clients prefer our Purchase Power service. With Purchase Power, you can pay for postage and mail related expenses without having to prepay or pay as you go. Eligible clients receive a credit line through The Pitney Bowes Bank, and will receive one consolidated bill for both mailing and shipping transactions.

Learn about all postage funding options.

UPDATED: April 25, 2022