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000080528   -   How to Set Up Direct Debit

000080624   -   Pitney Bowes Ireland Account Explained

000080623   -   Purchase Power Invoice Explained

000080463   -   Bank Transfer (BACS/CHAPS)

000087033   -   Returning Used Ink Cartridges

000080544   -   PB Postage account Explained (Postage By Phone)

000080464   -   PB Postage Fees Explained (Postage By Phone)

000080651   -   Networking and connectivity details for the SendPro C

000082397   -   Locating a Missing Payment

000080615   -   Pitney Bowes Ireland Ltd (Lease) Charges Explained

000080625   -   Pitney Bowes Ireland Limited (Lease) Explained

000080712   -   Selecting an account on the SendPro C

000080708   -   Replacing the ink cartridge on the SendPro C

000080647   -   Screen is blank or black, or frozen on the SendPro C

000080646   -   Poor print quality or not printing on the SendPro C

000046155   -   Installing an external scale on the SendPro C

000080711   -   Sealing envelopes when you print postage on the SendPro C

000080714   -   Sending post by Standard Mail on the SendPro C

000080717   -   Setting the low funds warning for printing postage on the SendPro C

000080677   -   Connecting to a hidden Wi-Fi network on the SendPro C

000080691   -   Installing a scale on the SendPro C

000080728   -   Viewing the total spent on printing postage on the SendPro C

000080710   -   Sealing the envelope without printing postage on the SendPro C

000080676   -   Clearing or resetting the number of mailpieces sent on the SendPro C

000080703   -   Printing a funds report on the SendPro C

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