Bolster your business with efficient mail management: 5 tips

Embrace modern mail management for enhanced business success

It's no secret that in the realm of communication, printed mail holds a distinguished spot. Want to unlock the full potential of mail for your business? Here are five strategies:

1. Embrace franking: the gateway to savings

Have you considered the power of a franking machine for your business mail? Not only does it offer significant cost advantages over stamped mail, but it also enhances accuracy and eliminates the speculation surrounding postage costs, as well as removing the likelihood of postal surcharges. Particularly attractive are the MailMark® complaint franking machines like the DM60, which guarantee the lowest-available franking prices as promised by Royal Mail®*. Plus, franking machine impart a professional touch to your mail by allowing you to print your company logo or message on every envelope.

2. Step into the digital era: efficiency, speed and reliability

If you're already using a franking machine, could it be time for a digital upgrade? The advantages of digital technology over analogue are immense. Digital meters are not only quicker and more reliable, but they also offer unparalleled flexibility with their Wi-Fi connectivity. Bid adieu to the hassle of plugging and unplugging your meter as you switch offices. Also, when postage rates change, no manual programming is needed. The digital systems stay connected and can receive the updated rates at any time.

3. Hybrid Mail: your key to streamlined processes and secure data

Harnessing the power of the present means embracing modern solutions like Hybrid Mail. More than just a trend, Hybrid Mail represents the integration of cutting-edge technology with traditional mailing procedures. This potent combination allows you to streamline your transactional mailings while ensuring top-tier data security. With Hybrid Mail, you're not just keeping pace with the present; you're shaping the future of your mailing processes.

4. Folding: maximise efficiency, minimise costs

Did you know that sending a large envelope cost more than sending a small one, even if the contents are identical? An A4 sheet can be neatly folded three times into a DL envelope, which measures 110 x 220mm. Manual folding might be arduous, but automated folding machines handle this task with ease and efficiency, freeing your staff to focus on other tasks.

5. Cost-spreading: ease the acquisition process

Leasing or renting equipment and services can greatly simplify the process of acquiring assets. This approach allows small businesses to access high-specification, high-performance equipment that was previously exclusive to large, revenue-generating companies. For smaller but essential purchases like ink, paper, and postage, a revolving credit facility can be a boon with its built-in flexibility for repayments.

Printed mail remains a pivotal channel for customer engagement. By modernising your mail and making it work harder for your business, you can truly reap the benefits.

*Up to and including 250g Royal Mail® 2nd class large letter vs stamps. Savings for other services can be found here . Savings do not include equipment running costs or consumables. No minimum volumes needed. (prices correct as of 2nd October 2023)