Pitney Bowes secures inclusion in mailroom equipment framework agreements for public sector in Ireland and Wales

Global technology leader Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), renowned for its innovative commerce solutions, has successfully secured its place in two new public sector mailroom equipment framework agreements in Ireland and Wales.

Inclusion in framework agreements

  • Pitney Bowes has secured its position on two significant public sector framework agreements for mailroom equipment in Ireland and Wales.
  • The agreement for Ireland is in collaboration with the Office of Government Procurement and will span a two-year period.
  • The Welsh agreement, on the other hand, is with the National Procurement Service for Wales, lasting for three years, with a potential for a 12-month extension.
  • These agreements signify Pitney Bowes' continued commitment to providing top-tier solutions for public sector organisations.
  • By being part of these framework agreements, Pitney Bowes not only solidifies its market presence but also its competitive edge in the industry.

Value & access

  • The deal ensures superior value for public sector bodies in Wales and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Public sector organisations gain access to Pitney Bowes' cutting-edge physical and digital Sending Technology Solutions.
  • The services include the highly-acclaimed Relay® Mailing Folders Inserters and Communication Hub.

Commitment and experience

  • Pitney Bowes demonstrates a steadfast and enduring commitment to serving the public sector.
  • Pitney Bowes has a noteworthy legacy of over 100 years, working intimately with public sector organisations.
  • The company is well-acquainted with the unique challenges that public sector bodies encounter in the present day.
  • The recognition of Pitney Bowes on these frameworks attests to their experience and expertise.
  • This inclusion fosters opportunities for further support and collaboration with organisations throughout Ireland and Wales.

For Ireland, the company is now part of the Multi Supplier Framework for the Supply of Mailroom Equipment and Associated Services, issued by the Office of Government Procurement for a tenure of two years. Meanwhile, in Wales, Pitney Bowes has been included in the Postal & Courier Services & Mailroom Equipment Framework Agreement (NPS-CSC-0023-15) by the National Procurement Service, specifically in Lot 5, Mailroom Equipment, for a three-year term with an opportunity for a 12-month extension.

Being a part of these frameworks not only ensures optimal value for public sector entities in Ireland and Wales but also provides them with access to Pitney Bowes' array of acclaimed physical and digital Sending Technology Solutions and services, such as the well-regarded Relay® Mailing Folders Inserters and the Communications Hub.

Pitney Bowes' inclusion in these frameworks reflects the company's deep commitment to the public sector. Ryan Higginson, Vice President of SME and Government at Pitney Bowes, highlighted the company's extensive experience of 100 years working alongside public sector organisations. He stated that although each contracting body has its unique needs, they all share a common goal of providing excellent customer service to their respective communities. Pitney Bowes' inclusion in these frameworks honors this experience and presents an opportunity to support and collaborate with organisations throughout Ireland and Wales.