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Pitney Bowes secures inclusion in mailroom equipment framework agreements for public sector in Ireland and Wales
Global technology leader Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), renowned for its innovative commerce solutions, has successfully secured its place in two new public sector mailroom equipment framework agreements in Ireland and Wales.
Strategies for effective personalisation in customer relationship management
Technology has enabled marketing professionals to personalise communications with customers, and consumers are expecting these one-to-one interactions.
How to improve your mail and shipping operations
Learn about areas that can be improved to increase the productivity for your company's mailing operations
The long-term value of accurate data capture
We employ an analytical capture programming language that enables us to accurately collect and analyse data from any digital invoice
4m read09/01/22Invoice Processing
Why go digital for your workplace access management?
Read our infographic to learn more about why your workplace should go digital & how SAM can help simplify & supports this change
2m read09/01/22Visitor Management
Driving transformation in a more connected, digital world
One of the most beneficial transformation investments a company can make is adopting digital invoice processing.
5m read09/01/22Invoice Processing
Why digital entry systems provide a surprisingly warm welcome
Automate your business with SAM and give your visitors, employees, & contractor a friendly welcome
5m read09/01/22Visitor Management
The next frontier: Training computers to read documents like humans
A digital invoicing system with a natural language processing engine to not only read but understand your complex documents
4m read09/01/22Invoice Processing
Digital progress means nothing without people
Your employees are a valuable asset. Use tools such as Secure Outsourced Hybrid Mail to make sure your people work more effectively
4m read01/20/22Operational Efficiency