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Peering into Santa’s shopping list
42% of consumers expect higher free shipping thresholds, but 80% say they’ll buy online more or the same as last year. <br>The top categories shoppers plan to buy online for holidays are apparel, electronics, toys, media/entertainment, and beauty.
The Black Friday/Cyber Monday report card
34% of consumers are likely to shop online more than they originally expected between now and Christmas.
5m read11/30/2022BOXpoll
Santa’s hunting for discounts
It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for people who aren’t trying to forecast ecommerce peak demand amid inflationary pressures
The not-so-distant echo of school bells
It’s that time of year again for many parents in the U.S.
Is crime hurting in-store or online sales more?
Concern about crime is causing more than a third of consumers to change their shopping behaviors.
3m read01/21/2022BOXpoll
Omnichannel, Omicron, and on and on
Two-thirds of consumers are concerned about the Omicron variant. Half plan to alter shopping habits.
3m read01/21/2022BOXpoll
Gift cards will fuel the 12 days after Christmas
More than half of consumers plan to spend gift cards received within weeks of this holiday
4m read11/16/2021BOXpoll
A Delta in consumer behavior
The new surge in COVID-19 cases is altering consumer behaviors—again—ahead of peak season
7m read09/20/2021BOXpoll
A kinder, gentler shopper?
Consumers expect to have issues shopping this holiday. Here’s how they’re adapting.
3m read08/15/2021BOXpoll
Peak purchasing preview
We asked consumers when and how much they expect to spend this holiday. The answers weren’t what we were expecting.
4m read07/15/2021BOXpoll
Mid-term report cards
Halfway to peak 2021 and amid pandemic recovery, we asked consumers to grade their online order experiences by retail category.
3m read06/22/2021BOXpoll
Green acres is the place to be
The physical dispersion of consumers will change everything…and also ecommerce logistics.
3m read03/23/2021BOXpoll
Southern exposure: Canadian attitudes towards US brands
Canadian consumers report spending 41% of their total online purchases with US-based retailers.
3m read02/24/2021BOXpoll
The vaccine cometh: what’s on consumers’ minds?
42% of consumers plan to shop even more online after the pandemic ends.
5m read01/15/2021BOXpoll
IDK, maybe being undecided is a choice
They may be unsure who to vote for or how they feel about the pandemic, but undecided voters are certain about these two things.
2m read11/15/2020BOXpoll
All at once: when consumers, culture, and COVID-19 collide
What we’ve discovered—and still have to learn—about the new age of ecommerce order experiences.
5m read10/15/2020BOXpoll