"We do the right thing the right way"

Our core value statement is the north star we use in our interactions with our clients, business partners, employees and communities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is our reality; inclusion is our opportunity. Diversity acknowledges that we are all human, yet all different. We believe in treating one another with dignity and respect, while also valuing the differences that contribute to our individuality. Inclusiveness helps us capitalize on the strengths of our differences as we pursue our common goals. We are intentionally inclusive at Pitney Bowes because we understand that true inclusion is about creating a sense of belonging, as well as a safe space for individuals to be fully and authentically who they are. When individuals feel they belong, they contribute at a higher level and take greater ownership of the outcome. Thus, we get the benefit of the full value of our diversity for our clients, our markets, our teams and our communities. We are leveraging our differences to deliver superior results.


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Inclusion is intentional.

We are leveraging our differences to deliver superior results.

Our Impact

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Women are 43% of our global workforce.
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People of color comprise 49% of our U.S. workforce.
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Women comprise 28% of our senior management and 33% of management.
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People of color comprise 21% of our senior management and 34% of management.
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Together we RISE

Pitney Bowes has a long history of intentionally seeking and including diverse talent at all levels of the organization. On our Board of Directors, for example, women are 50% of our independent directors and people of color have been on the board since the early 1980s,including most recently Shelia Stamps who joined in 2020. We believe the utilization of diverse talent throughout the organization is a competitive differentiator that also helps us attract, grow, engage and retain the best talent as well.

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“Diversity and inclusion have been core values at Pitney Bowes for decades. This devotion to diversity and inclusion continues to be a defining element of our character and how we do business. To begin with, it’s the right thing to do. But diversity and inclusion are also critical to our business success, as we work to mirror the markets we serve and compete for the very best talent we can attract. Our team is stronger – and our decisions better – when we have people with different backgrounds, different experiences and different points of view. That is why the data is very clear that diverse and inclusive teams are the key to high-performing organizations.”
Marc Lautenbach, President & CEO
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