Installing the SendPro Mailstation

Follow these instructions if you are installing a SendPro Mailstation for the first time.
Products affected: SendPro® Mailstation, SendPro® Mailstation LITE (HZ0L)
sendpro mailstation

If you are installing a SendPro Mailstation for the first time, follow these instructions.

  1. Before you begin
  2. Open the box
  3. Unpack the device
  4. Connect the device to the power outlet
  5. Select network connection type
  6. Set up your account
  7. Install the ink cartridge and run a test pattern
  8. Install the scale
  9. Enter ZIP Code and security PIN
  10. Add postage

1 Before you begin

Watch this video or follow the instructions below to learn how to install your device.

Before you begin installing your new SendPro Mailstation, you must decide how you plan to pay for postage and what type of connection (wired or wireless) you wish to use. In addition, you must gather account and password information.

Choose your postage payment method

Pitney Bowes offers different options to pay for postage for mailing. Decide how you wish to fund postage on your SendPro Mailstation. Visit Paying for postage for more information.

Choose how to connect to the internet

Wired Connectionswired
  • Take about 10 minutes to set up
  • Require access to a network port and power outlet.
Wireless Connectionswifi
  • Take about 15 minutes to set up
  • Require access to a wireless network (router) and power outlet.
  • Require a wireless network name and password

Get account, password information, and ZIP Code

  • Find the email address and password that you use to sign into Your Account on Pitney Bowes.
    • During the installation, you can create a new email address and account instead of using an existing one.
  • Find the ZIP Code™ for the location where you plan to install the device.

2 Open the box

This diagram lists the items you should find in your box. If anything is missing, contact Pitney Bowes.

SendPro mailstation contents in box

3 Unpack the device

  1. Remove all tape.
    remove all tape
  2. Open and remove the orange protector.
  3. Close the cover.
    close the cover
Warning: Do not install the ink now. You get the "Install ink cartridge" prompt later in the installation process.

4 Connect the device to the power outlet

  1. Connect the device to a wall power outlet.
    connect the device
  2. Press the power button, and wait for the system to start up.
    turn power on
  3. Tap Get Started on the touchscreen and continue installation steps.
    Get started display

5 Select network connection type

  1.  Tap the network type, either Wired or Wireless.
    • If you tap Wireless:
      • Tap the name of your router and the password.
      • Enter your password.
      • Tap Connect.
    • If you tap Wired:
      • Plug in the Ethernet cable on the back of the device.
      • Tap Advanced Network Options.
      • Tap Connect.
  2.  Tap Continue when you see a "Connected to Network" message.

6 Set up your account

  1. Tap Enter email address.
    • Enter the email you use to log in to Your Account.
    • If you don't have Your Account set up, enter your email address to create an account.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your password.
  4. Tap Confirm to confirm your email and password.

Once the device connects to Pitney Bowes, you are ready to install the ink cartridge and the scale.

7 Install the ink cartridge and run a test pattern

  1. Remove the ink cartridge from its container. Remove the orange sticker from the bottom of the ink cartridge.
    Remove orange sticker
  2. Open the ink door.
    Open ink door
  3. Slide the cartridge in at an upward angle, then firmly press it up until it clicks into place.
    Slide cartridge in slot
  4. After you click the ink cartridge into place, close the ink door.
    Close door
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. When the screen says Create a Test Print, insert an envelope or tape sheet into the slot, pushing in all the way to the back and right. The device clamps the letter and prints postage. The power button flashes while the device prints.
    insert an envelope
  7. When the test print envelope is released by the device, compare the printed test pattern to the ones on the screen.
  8. Tap Good Test Print if the test pattern looks good.
    good test print
  9. Tap Continue.

8 Install the scale

  1. Open the door on the right side of the device to access the USB port.
    Open right side scale door
  2. Connect the USB cable to the device.
    connect USB cable
  3. Position the scale
    • Option 1: install the scale behind the device
      1. Slide the scale stand under the left back side of the device. 
        Install scale behind the device
      2. Make sure the scale stand slides along to the left side of the bottom of the device.
        check scale stand
      3. Slide the scale into the pegs on the scale stand.
        Slide scale onto pegs
    • Option 2: install the scale on either side of the device
      1. Respond to the prompts on the display to complete the scale installation.
        Install scale on the side of the device

9 Enter ZIP Code and security PIN

  1. Enter the ZIP Code for your location.
  2. If you wish to create a PIN for your device, enter a 4-digit number when prompted.

10 Add postage

  1. Tap Continue.
  2. Enter an amount.
  3. Tap Add Postage.

Your SendPro Mailstation is ready for use.

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UPDATED: June 12, 2023