An easy to use franking machine that uses leading-edge technology and minimises postage costs

DM220i Digital Franking Machine

Mailmark™ ready and the features of the DM160i PLUS mail processing speeds of up to 45 pieces per minute, up to 100 accounts, an integrated 5kg weighing platform and differential weighing.

The DM220i Digital Franking Machine offer an impressive array of cost and time-saving features.

But which one of them best suits the needs of your business?

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DM220i Digital SMART Franking Machine delivers the following:






Save over stamped mail


You can be confident your postage costs are being kept to a minimum.


Automatically calculates the exact postage


No overpaying. And also no underpaying so ensuring you won’t incur the £1 charge that Royal Mail apply to every item that’s incorrectly priced.


An integral weighing platform that can handle parcels up to 5kg.


Process your mail in one compact unit no need for separate scales.


Replenish your franking machine from your office 24 hours a day at the touch of a button.


Quick easy and hassle free. No more time wasted queuing at the Post Office for stamps.


Access to Postage Power our post now and pay later service. This allows you to:
• Get up to 55 days free credit
• Consolidate supplies and maintenance invoices onto a single monthly statement


Improve you cash flow and keep your administration costs to a minimum


IntelliLink™ connects your franking machine to a secure sever via the internet enabling services such as postal tariff changes software updates and envelope messaging to be downloaded quickly and effortlessly.


Time saved that you can invest in making other areas of your business more profitable.

     Find out more about IntelliLink™


Enters a low-power sleep mode after a period of inactivity.


Keep your energy bill to a minimum.


Account management facility with up to 100 accounts.


Manage your budget and accurately apply departmental cross-charges.


Record when mail arrives by passing in through the franking machine to obtain a date and time stamp.


No more messy ink pads and tedious hand stamping.


Funds remain secure protected by a PIN code


You can control who has access to the credit on your franking machine.


Advertise your company in colour on every envelope.


Increase the likelihood of your mail being opened and read. Turn every piece of mail you frank into a promotional or revenue generating opportunity.


The DM220i is a SMART franking machine


You’re able to claim back your VAT on applicable Royal Mail services.


Access to high-quality customer and technical support.


Confidence that if you have a problem it will be fixed fast.

Maximum processing speed

45 mail pieces per minute

Maximum number of accounts


Monitoring and reporting facilities

Account, postage and meter reports

Maximum envelope thickness


Capacity of integrated weight platform


Other weighing options

7, 12 and 35 kg

Differential weighing




Maximum number of job presets


Preferred connectivity method