Automatically feed, frank, seal and stack your envelopes

DM300M Digital Franking Machine

With up to 100 accounts to track and monitor your postal expenditure in detail, the DM300M will deal with your mail in record time and make paying the correct postage on every letter and parcel simple!

The DM300M postage meter puts fast and accurate mail processing capability into a space-saving footprint.

The semi-automatic feed and integrated weighing platform, let you process mail of various sizes, from postcards to parcels - at speeds of up to 65 pieces per minute. This system gives your mail a professional look with crisp, clean inkjet printing technology. The DM300M meter also gives you the ability to track and report postage expenses for 25 accounts, expandable to 300 accounts.


Up to 65 letters per minute

Envelope Feed


Media Sizes

Up to 330mm X 381mm

Media Thickness

Up to 9.5mm

Integrated Weighing Options


Optional Interfaced Weighing

7kg, 12kg or 35kg

Differential Weighing option


Dimensions-on-the-Way (D-o-W)



370mm x 435mm x 315mm




100-240 V, 50/60Hz, 3A


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Intelllink™ is a proprietary system from Pitney Bowes which allows your franking machine to connect to Pitney Bowes via the internet and download new software to provide new services and update your equipment.

PB Inclusive Service Cover

With PB Inclusive service you're covered for every eventuality giving you complete peace of mind.


Mailmark™ is the new mail preparation product from Royal Mail. The existing frank mark will be replaced with a new mark that has a 2D barcode, it looks different from the existing one and brings with it new possibilities.