Powerful Reporting for Sound Business Decisions

INVIEW™ Analytics

INVIEW™ Analytics provides a powerful set of postage reports to support and drive your managerial decisions.

Meaningful Data for Powerful Business Decisions

Today, more than ever, companies need to know that every penny they spend is being spent the right way. And what you spend on the mail, packages and documents that flow in and out of your business is no different. Tracking, collecting and managing mailstream data across several locations can be complex and time consuming as information comes from so many sources – leaving you with very little control and management capabilities. INVIEW™ Analytics consolidates the information from all your mailing sites in one place. Making the best use of Intellilink® technology, its meaningful reports highlight areas of unnecessary expenditure and uncover cost savings opportunities. You spend less time gathering data,and more time exploring and sharing real insights.

Learn More About INVIEW™

Accessible via your online Pitney Bowes My Account, INVIEW™ captures data accurately, consistently and in a timely manner from just one or multiple locations.

INVIEW™ offers a set of built-in reports, ready to use, presented in tables or graphics. You can select criteria such as the date range and then, you run the report at the level of detail you need.

Available from anywhere on the web, the reports can also be exported in flexible formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV files to be stored for further review. Excel graphics can even be copied onto Powerpoint slides to enhance your presentations.