Make informed business decisions through mail accounting

MeterNet™ Mail Accounting Software

Pitney Bowes have developed MeterNet™ software to respond to your changing business requirements. Take informed business decisions through detailed mail accounting.

Make Informed Business Decisions through Mail Accounting

Pitney Bowes have developed MeterNet™ software that delivers real time access to your postal usage and spend information. And what's more, this doesn't report on just one franking machine, but consolidates information from multiple machines from across multiple locations. 

This software gives you the information you need to make informed business decisions and reduce the costs associated with your mailing activities.  

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Take informed business decisions using mail accounting and benefit from:-

  • Detailed, realtime data capture - up to 50 different parameters for each transaction are instantaneously captured and stored on a PC providing all the data your business requires for detailed evaluation. A barcode reader can be used to speed up the data capture process and reduce operator error.
  • Consolidate all postal information - all non-franked transactions such as courier mail, or jobs that are outsourced to mailhouses can be entered into MeterNet™ and be reported, analysed and charged back in the same way as franked mail.
  • Reduce postal expenditure - MeterNet™ can be pro-actively used to achieve greater control and cost savings through the analysis of departmental postal expenditure against assigned budgets. In addition, maximise your return on investment by taking advantage of the de-regulated market and by selecting the most competitive service provider.
  • Powerful reporting facilities - analyse all postage and other services, down to individual mail piece level. There are over 40 standard reports which can be customised to include your company logo. Choose the report, any combination of parameters, the time period and it is automatically produced.