What is a franking machine and what does it do?

Pitney Bowes has been supplying franking machines for over 100 years and is constantly innovating to bring some of the most modern technology to the market. However, many businesses in the UK are still unaware of the benefits a franking machine brings.

What is a franking machine?

A franking machine prints a Mailmark compliant indicia that includes a unique 2-D barcode onto a letter or parcel, instead of using a stamp. Sending letters or parcels with a franking machine is cheaper than using stamps due to Mailmark franking tariffs, which mean you can save 19p versus Royal Mail® 1st class stamps and save 6p verses Royal Mail 2nd class stamps*.

What is a franking machine used for?

Franking Machines allow businesses to print postage within their office while taking advantage of savings.

Franking machines print a ‘Mailmark indicia’ including a 2D barcode, directly onto envelopes, postcards or adhesive labels. It can also be used to print a company logo onto an envelope or label often making business’ communications look more professional.

How does a franking machine work?

Franking machines select the correct postage price, by weighing the item you are sending before printing the postage on the mail item. This prevents you from overpaying for your postage. The funds to pay for your postage are stored securely on the franking machine and in most cases can be topped on via online portals.

What is franked mail or post?

Franked mail are items posted using a franking machine. Franked mail will have an indicia that includes a unique 2-D barcode in the top right corner as opposed to a stamp.

What is an Indica and what does it look like?

A Mailmark indicia is a marking on a mail item, which is used instead of a stamp, to indicate the payment of postage. It is usually printed directly onto an envelope or label. Below is an example of a Mailmark indicia

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What are the advantages of a franking machine?

There are many benefits to having a franking machine. Here are just a few:

  • Save money as you will be able to take advantage of Mailmark franking tariffs.
  • Franking is quicker and more accurate than applying stamps.
  • Print your logo, return address or promotional message on your envelopes, presenting a professional image to your customers.
  • Franking is more secure as there are no stamp books lying around the office.
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*Save 19p versus Royal Mail® 1st class stamps and save 6p verses Royal Mail® 2nd class stamps with Mailmark® franking machine prices. Savings for other services can be found here. Savings do not include equipment running costs or consumables. No minimum volumes needed (prices correct as of 2nd October 2023)