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The Rorschach calendar test goes international
Retailers should avoid setting international shipping prices at checkout based solely on the cost of shipping and consider placing premiums in market where consumers value speed more highly.
5m read11/30/22BOXpoll
“Yes, I’m still in Canada”
Episode 13 - Cross-border insights from Canadian and US consumers
20m read11/01/22BOXcast
America’s ecommerce exceptionalism?
Consumers are willing to pay similar shipping amounts from Canada and China, revealing a belief that it’s just as difficult to deliver items from Canada to the US as it is to deliver items from China.
3.5m read06/15/22BOXpoll
Too many cooks in the kitchen?
42% of retailers give their logistics and operations leaders final authority on choosing a delivery carrier, while only 27% give operations teams the same authority for carrier rating and manifesting software.
5m read06/15/22BOXpoll
Leaky international checkouts
Between 71-82% of shoppers say they’ve abandoned orders from the U.S. because they did not want to risk paying import duties due to DDU shipping.
3m read05/12/22BOXpoll
International carts gone MIA
Expectations around cross-border delivery aren’t changing—but more international shoppers think shipping is too slow.
3m read04/12/22BOXpoll
2021 Holiday Readiness Guide
Learn how to cut costs and maximize profits on every item you send.
3m read11/01/21Domestic Solutions
What is localization strategy?
Localization strategy solutions streamline all localization needs around the globe, from marketing to website management.
8 common challenges of cross-border ecommerce
Before your business starts taking those international orders there’s eight cross-border e-commerce challenges you should be aware of and prepare for as you define your cross-border strategy.
6m read08/04/21Cross-border
Get the facts: ePacket delivery from China
Learn everything you need to know about ePacket delivery from China—including, shipping, tracking, delivery times, costs and more.
4m read08/04/21Cross-border
How to speak like a cross-border entrepreneur
Cross-border ecommerce can be confusing. Learn how to talk the talk with these key industry terms.
3m read08/04/21Cross-border
What’s up with the USMCA? Ecommerce with Canada & Mexico
Learn the latest in North American trade regulation and how the USMCA impacts your cross-border ecommerce strategy.
4m read08/04/21Cross-border
The Top 10 Ecommerce Logistics Challenges for Online Retailers
Sometimes the real challenge for online brands begins after an order is placed. Discover the top 10 ecommerce logistics challenges that hold back brands.
3m read05/26/21Domestic Solutions
Five ways to enhance the customer experience for international buyers
Selling to regions outside of the United States requires commitment to research and a great deal of cultural understanding, localizing your brand is the first step.
3m read12/12/17Domestic Solutions
Five things to know about selling cross-border on Tmall
Tmall Global presents a growing opportunity for new foreign retailers looking to enter the Chinese ecommerce market through a marketplace strategy.
3m read09/12/17Cross-border
5 challenges of selling via cross-border marketplaces
Online marketplaces offer the perfect platform for retailers that want to enter high-growth foreign markets, if they can overcome these five challenges.
3m read08/15/17Domestic Solutions
3 Qualities missing from your cross-border ecommerce strategy
To succeed in cross-border ecommerce, you need to be successful in three key areas. For many retailers, that’s just not the case.
3m read04/18/17Domestic Solutions
Enabling Ecommerce - Anywhere to Everywhere: Power of Precision Storify
See the most recent #PowerofPrecision chat on how Ecommerce has evolved into a thriving component of global commerce.
2m read08/08/16Domestic Solutions
India emerges as ecommerce powerhouse
India is emerging as an attractive target for online retailing. The rise of mobile technology, cheap connectivity, and increased awareness has made Ecommerce a convenient option for many Indians.
3m read03/14/16Domestic Solutions
Key markets for global ecommerce expansion
Pinpointing where to expand your global ecommerce strategy requires more thought and consideration than many companies are able to research.
3m read01/27/16Domestic Solutions
Clearing out complexity in the consumer experience
While consumer cross-border commerce can be complex, it’s not stopping most retailers from taking the plunge. Online retail is flourishing.
3m read01/21/16Domestic Solutions
A telling tale of a Canadian cross-border shopper
Millions of Canadian shoppers face confusing and frustrating hidden charges when shopping online. Here’s how retailers can win over these buyers.
3m read09/18/15Domestic Solutions
8 Challenges for ecommerce in India
The growth of ecommerce volumes in India is attracting the attention of players around the globe. India, the second most populous country in the world, is home to 1.2 billion people.
4m read12/23/13Domestic Solutions