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Extra fees, accessorial & surcharges from the major carriers can really add on to the total cost of a shipment.

Exploding the myth of volume discounts from carriers.

Finally, a fact-filled guide that sets the record straight. Find out how the volume requirements for carrier discounts can be misleading. Plus, gain new strategies to reduce your overall logistics costs, while strengthening your reach and stability.

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Myth of the carrier discount

In this exclusive new guide, you’ll learn:

  • How reducing volume with a carrier doesn’t put a huge dent in your discount
  • How the major carriers have had 25 rate “announcements” since April 2020
  • How temporary COVID surcharges have now become permanent
  • How to diversify your carriers – the Top 5 Challenges and how to solve them

Most important, you’ll learn the many benefits of a modern, customized solution designed to your specific needs. Don’t wait for the rates to rise again. Get your guide now.

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