Adapting to Changing Mailing and Shipping Needs
Webinar Wrap-up

A recent Gartner survey reports that 74%* of CFOs plan to shift some employees to remote work permanently. Couple a distributed workforce with changes from the carriers, including updated fees, surcharges, delivery guarantees, and even a temporary rate increase from the USPS® on their shipping product, and there’s a list of brand-new challenges organizations are managing around mailing and shipping.

In our recent webinar, “Insider Tips: Adapting to Changing Mailing and Shipping Needs,” industry experts Tom Hazel and Chris Giles highlighted research about the major challenges that organizations are facing resulting from both the recent carrier changes and the increase in remote working. Those top challenges were organized into four key categories: Analytics and Expense Management, Sending Mail & Packages, Managing Inbound Parcels, and Mitigating Compliance Risks. The research also examined what technology investments enterprise organizations are planning to address these challenges – with 62%** of businesses surveyed listing “Analytical reporting tools to optimize postage spend” as a top priority.

Tom and Chris guided attendees through hints and tips in managing multiple carrier bills, carrier accounts, and multiple locations now shipping (who weren’t shipping before). Data and analytics are critical to solving these challenges as we continue to move forward in a new normal for mailing and shipping. Chris demonstrated how our SendPro® Analytics solution can help organizations obtain a single view of all their mailing and shipping spend across an organization, to simplify how they manage all of their costs around sending, now and in the future.


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A recap of your live questions

Is there a way to download separate reports for USPS, UPS and FedEX if using multi-carrier?

Absolutely, SendPro® Analytics has custom reporting capabilities so you can isolate reports by carrier.

Can we export your data into our reporting tools?

Yes, you can. SendPro Analytics allows you to export the data as either a CSV or Excel file. It’s currently a one-click export, but coming soon will be an auto report option, for reports to be sent automatically at the cadence you choose.

We have a lot of remote workers using software to send. Are we able to track everyone’s spending?

All spend for remote workers can be pulled through SendPro Analytics. The reports are broken out by user, with additional break out options for carrier, class of service and time frames.

We acquire companies from time to time, can they be integrated easily?

Once SendPro Analytics is set up for your business, it’s easy to add companies into your main account. When you have an acquisition, your PB sales rep can help to add the new company, giving you visibility into their spend as well as sending volumes and current equipment to ensure each location has the right equipment for their needs.

Are the savings shown in SendPro Analytics real or estimates?

All data flowing into your SendPro Analytics account is real based on your company’s software and equipment user data. You’ll get insight into users who could be overspending by only using one carrier and identify where a different carrier might be a better option based on the weight and destination of your parcel. And the savings found through SendPro Analytics is more than just monetary savings, it can also identify process and accuracy improvements.


Source: Gartner Press Release ‘CFO Actions in Response to COVID-19: Week of 30 March 2020’.

**Source: Pitney Bowes Market Intelligence USA Enterprise Quick Pulse Survey, June 2020; n=250

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