Kent School delivers students a superior campus experience with inbound tracking and contactless smart locker technology from Pitney Bowes

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The Challenge

- Increased need for social distancing and contactless processes
- Heightened expectations of students and parents
- Unprecedented volume of packages
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The Solution

Rear and front-loading Pitney Bowes ParcelPointᵀᴹ Smart Lockers including seamless integration with SendSuite® Tracking Online
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The Benefits

- Reduces interaction with contactless pickup
- Frees up crowded mail room space
- Modernizes the campus experience

Established in 1906, Kent School is private, co-educational, college preparatory boarding school in Kent, CT with a student population of 520.

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The Challenge

Kent School prides itself on building a welcoming and innovative educational community. The student experience is at the center of everything they do. Like many other institutions, when the pandemic hit, they were faced with a new set of challenges:

  • Increased need for social distancing and contactless processes
  • Heightened expectations of students and parents
  • Unprecedented volume of packages coming into campus nearing 800+ packages per week

Their basic package tracking software and their mail center pick-up window no longer met their evolving needs. Kent School sought a solution that would reduce the reliance on an in-person pick up location in order to allow students greater flexibility in retrieving their packages.

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“We strive to continuously improve the student experience, both inside and outside the classroom. By implementing Pitney Bowes smart lockers, we’ve given students greater flexibility to retrieve their packages at their convenience.”
— Tanya Horgan, Kent School
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The Solution

Kent School sought guidance from long-time partner Pitney Bowes on ways to better manage these new realities.

Upon learning more about their current processes, Pitney Bowes proposed 2 banks of rear load and 1 bank of front load ParcelPointTM Smart Lockers integrated with SendSuite Tracking Online to take their mail center operation to the next level.

From implementation to training and continued support, the Pitney Bowes team was with them every step of the way.

“We were fortunate to have in-person training from Pitney Bowes. Our mail center team came away very pleased and felt really supported. And, after our installation we were able to reach out and ask any questions.”
— Michael Siepmann, Kent School

The Benefits

SendSuite Tracking Online replaced their existing basic package tracking software providing deeper visibility and accountability. The smart lockers offered safe, convenient, contactless pickup options and increased student and parent satisfaction. Plus, the rear loading smart lockers created operational efficiencies while freeing up mail center space reducing delivery delays.

Since implementing the new tracking software and smart locker solutions, Kent School has:

  • Improved the student experience through greater package pickup flexibility
  • Reduced health and safety risks with contactless pickup options
  • Freed up mail center personnel time allowing a greater focus on other student-facing improvements
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