SendSuite Live version 7.15.02 Release Notes (January 19, 2017)

SendSuite Live Release Notes for version 7.15.02 (January 19, 2017).
Products affected: SendSuite® Live


This section describes improvements and fixes to the installer.

Installer Improvements

Corrected the way Installer handles encoded SQL.



This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

Simplified Account Summary Report. Voided Shipments No Longer Listed

Voided packages and shipments will no longer be included in the Simplified Account Report.

Returns. Fixed Commercial Invoice Rules for Return Transactions

Corrected the rules for a Commercial Invoice and the return transaction.

Generation 2 Project Templates. Fixed Crashing Issue when Auto Formatting Date Values

Corrected an issue with Generation 2 project templates failing to convert the date value into the user’s timezone, if the value was not recognized by the automated check performed on loading the project.

USPS. Fixed Default SFTP URIs

All SFTP upload server names have been corrected to

PB Shipping API – USPS. Added Retry Logic to Label Download

Added retry feature to the label download functionality. Each label download will make 5 attempts before an error is written to the transaction’s diagnostic logs. The limit is not configurable, and if failed, no label data will be available. Additionally, all carriers will now show “Web Download Event” debug level log whenever the system attempts to fetch content from a URL. Previously, this would only be recorded when a Proxy server was configured.



This section contains information about minor changes and corrections. It can include issues raised in previous releases that have been corrected.

FedEx Server. Fixed Issue with Voiding IPD Shipments

Resolved an issue whereby FedEx IPD shipments would generate an incorrect message for FedEx Server upon voiding the shipment.

Product Database. Corrected DateClosed Value within EndOfDay Table

The DateClosed data stored in the EndOfDay table is no longer converted to the user’s time zone. This value should be a date associated with the carrier's manifest, and therefore, should not be manipulated prior to storage.

Blackbox. Improved Behavior of PrintLater with PrintRequest

Changed the behavior of the PrintLater element in the Print Request (/*/Outputs/Output/PrintLater). This will now default to “True”, unless configured otherwise. The remaining transactions are unchanged, and this feature works as previously.

Product Database. Extended Number of Retries During Database Scaler Reads

Increased the number of retries for certain database reads. This feature is controlled by the Maximum Database Scaler Read Retries (ID=380) setting available in the [Settings] table in the database. The setting defaults to 10, and applies to read operations involving a procedure returning a small number of values on a single row.

The setting is a recommended solution for database bottlenecks in the scenario where certain transactions change the database logic flow, and only one transaction is allowed to get an identifier at a time (Ship To Hold, load balanced environment, etc.).

Blackbox. Rate Response. Fixed Issue with “Unknown” Returned as Commitment Level

Fixed an issue with CommitmentLevel element passing the word “Unknown”, even if a valid DeliveryDate elements were present in the Rate Response.

Hazardous. FedEx Web Services. Fixed Hazardous Shipping with Express Service

Corrected an issue whereby shipping Hazardous Express shipments with FedEx Web Services would generate an error, typically related to invalid package type.

Product Database. Errors Now Returned from Failed Group Ship Transactions

Database errors will now be returned, and the transaction rolled back, for a failed Group Ship Request. This functionality mirrors Pending Request behavior. Additionally, the [Content Codes] table has been extended; if a blank value is provided, the product will use the value in the element. Previously, this would fall back to the value. The newly introduced behavior means that a database error will not be raised when a blank value is submitted.

Shipment Server. Passwords Stored without the Unique Salt

Enhanced the product’s security features. Improved the database setting, Password Hashing Algorithm (ID=384), in the [Settings] table. This will now have the following options available:

  1. SHA1 ASCII Encoded, No Salt. FIPS-compliant option, typically used by all previous patches.
  2. SHA1 UTF8 And Base64 Encoded, No Salt. Used as a new default in 7.15.01. Replaced No. 1, does not comply with FIPS.
  3. PBKDF2, Random Salt. FIPS-compliant new default and most recommended option.

Additionally, Server Settings have been accommodated with new password-related settings:

  1. Force Password Change On Next Login. If set to “True”, forces all users to reset their passwords on next login, after which the setting resets to “False” (default). Comes with the complementary button, Details, allowing administrators to monitor how many users have not changed their password. This setting does not affect the administrator’s password, if the administrator configures it via the administration screen.
  2. Account Auto Lockout After Idle Period (days). Automatically locks accounts that have not been logged into within the number of days configured (defaults to “0”).

FedEx Load Balancing. Resolved Issue with Database Tables Growing

Resolved an issue with the Load Balanced Transaction State table containing rows that should have been removed by the End of Day process.

IMPORTANT! Upgrading to this patch will result in bulk deletion of superfluous data from the Load Balanced Transaction State table. Depending on the size of the data, the upgrade process may take longer than usual.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021