January 22, 2021 SendSuite Tracking Online Release Notes

SendSuite Tracking Online Release Notes for January 22, 2021.
Products affected: SendSuiteĀ® Tracking Online

New features


Mystery Mail. A new status, 'Research Required', has been added to group together for future investigation those packages in which the recipient is not either not clear or is unidentifiable.


Canada Post Decode. Canada Post barcodes may now be decoded in SendSuite Tracking Online. The following two barcode formats are supported:

  • 2-9-2 - Example: RE123456789CA
  • NGB - 28 alpha-numeric characters. Example: 2MJE278702311112222333500000


New Locker Sizes. The following new locker sizes have been added to SendSuite Tracking Online:

  • XXS - Extra, extra small
  • XS - Extra small
  • XL - Extra large
  • XXL - Extra, Extra large


Japan support information. Users in the Japanese market will find the following updates to support contact information:

  • Hours: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Phone: 0120-09-1995
  • Email: Ccare@pb.com

Issues fixed in this release


ADA flag. The ADA flag field 'Accessibility' has been added to the recipient import template.


Mobile delivery. When a picture is required on Proof of Delivery, the Save button now appears as intended.


Desktop edit. Corrected an issue whereby the Save and Print buttons were enabled on the Edit screen when no edits have been made. Users must make a change to enable the Save and Print buttons.


Mobile login. Resolved a problem in which users with an apostrophe in their email address (e.g., mark.d'ornelas@domain.com) saw their mobile login attempts rejected.


Mobile image capture. Resolutions have been implemented to correct poor quality images captured with the mobile app.

UPDATED: April 12, 2022