Replacing the Pierbridge NAFTA Certificate of Origin document with the USMCA Certificate of Origin document in SendSuite Live

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Products affected: SendSuite¬ģ Live
  1. On the SendSuite Live Application Server, navigate to the installation directory, usually C:\Program Files(86)\Shipment Server\Output\Reports\.
  2. Make a copy of the existing NAFTA Certificate of Origin.rpx file and save it in a different folder. This backs up the existing report so that you can revert to it later if needed.
  3. To download the new Certificate of Origin report file, right-click on the following file link and choose either Save link as or Save target as (depending on your browser):
    USMCA Certificate of Origin.rpx
  4. Rename the new report file you just downloaded from USMCA Certificate of Origin.rpx to NAFTA Certificate of Origin.rpx.
  5. Copy the renamed file into the same folder where the old file was (usually C:\Program Files(86)\Shipment Server\Output\Reports\). The new report file will replace the old NAFTA Certificate of Origin report file.

If you followed step 2 above, you can roll back this change by moving the old file back into place.

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UPDATED: August 14, 2021