SendSuite Live version 7.31.00 Release Notes (February 28, 2019)

SendSuite Live Release Notes for version 7.31.00 (February 28, 2019).
Products affected: SendSuite® Live


This section describes the major new features or enhancements that are included in this release.

DHL International API. Renamed Carrier to DHL XML-PI and Updated Carrier Attributes

Alongside carrier rebranding, implemented the following changes:

  • Added the new package type Express Document.
  • Updated description of the existing package type Express Document to DHL Flyer.
  • Removed the Break Bulk Economy carrier service.
  • Added the new carrier special service Delivery Confirmation – No Signature Required.



PB Shipping API – USPS. Updated Handling of Special Characters

An issue has been corrected whereby End Of Day would fail when operating with PB Shipping API – USPS if the organization name contained an apostrophe.

UPS API. Corrected Billing Issue With International Shipments

UPS API international shipments now function as expected when “Transportation” and “Duties and Taxes” are billed to the same entities. Also, refer to the XML Schema Changes section of these release notes.

Generation 2 Project Templates. View. Amending Handling of Large User Sets

An issue has been corrected whereby the View project template would fail if the system had a high volume of active users. Also, refer to the Project Template Changes section of these release notes.

PB Shipping API – USPS. Addressed End Of Day Errors

An issue has been corrected whereby End Of Day operations would fail for PB Shipping API – USPS if processing a return shipment.



This section contains information about minor changes and corrections. It can include issues raised in previous releases that have been corrected.

Custom Carriers. Resolved Issue With Special Service Detail on Bill of Lading

Addresses an issue whereby special service detail was not automatically appended to Bill of Lading Shipping Notes for custom carriers.

FedEx Server. Added Fields For Commercial Invoice

The following fields are now supported for the FedEx Server Commercial Invoice for non-consolidated shipments; the values in brackets show the corresponding PierbridgeShipRequest/CommercialInvoice field:

  • Freight Amount (FreightCharge)
  • Insurance Amount (InsuranceCharge)
  • Other Amount (OtherCharge)
  • Comments (Comments). The field is limited to three lines of no more than 70 characters each. Longer values are truncated by the carrier.



The following templates have been updated and can be used with this release.

Template: SendSuite Live View

Version: Generation 2 – 3.4

Comments: Amended handling of large user sets.



The following XML Schema changes are included in this release.

For Schema Name:

  • Pierbridge Ship Request


  • When shipping with UPS API the change allows “Transportation” and “Duties and Taxes” billing types to both be set as Receiver.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021