SendSuite Live version 7.32.00 Release Notes (April 30, 2019)

SendSuite Live Release Notes for version 7.32.00 (April 30, 2019).
Products affected: SendSuite® Live


This section describes the major new features or enhancements that are included in this release.

FedEx Certification

Introduced updates and new functionality in light of FedEx 2018 Certification. See the FedEx Certification section below for more details.

UPS API. Added New Carrier Service

Support has been added for the carrier service UPS Express 12:00.

USPS Postage (Endicia). Added support for Requester ID

The Requester ID “lptr” is now supported for all USPS Postage (Endicia) transactions. Note that this value is automatically configured on install and cannot be changed.

UPS. Enhanced Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) Functionality

UPS carriers now support the SED Method Carrier Provided. This is indicated by a SED Method value of 3. Once set, an address indicating the origin of goods is passed in the ship request. This is taken from the International/Origin node if provided; otherwise detail from the Sender node is used.

Note: This SED Method can only be used during shipping; due to a limitation with the ConnectShip XML processor, the functionality is not supported for rating.

Note: When shipping with UPS Consolidated, the following must be appended to the current all_include script:

 Select Case data("FUNC") Case "PRE_SHIP" ' this function is available to provide a means of applying additional business rules to ' the assembled package data, service level, etc. just before the package list is committed to a manifest set objMacros = Pre_Ship(data) End Select Function Pre_Ship(data) set packages = data("PACKAGES") for each package in packages if not IsEmpty(package("GOODS_ORIGIN")) then 'Get GOODS_ORIGIN from packageinfo set goodsDict = package("GOODS_ORIGIN") if not goodsDict is nothing then Set tmpGoodsOrigin = CreateObject("Progistics.NameAddress") tmpGoodsOrigin.Company = goodsDict("COMPANY") tmpGoodsOrigin.Contact = goodsDict("CONTACT") tmpGoodsOrigin.Address1 = goodsDict("ADDRESS1") tmpGoodsOrigin.City = goodsDict("CITY") tmpGoodsOrigin.StateProvince = goodsDict("STATEPROVINCE") tmpGoodsOrigin.Postalcode = goodsDict("POSTALCODE") tmpGoodsOrigin.CountrySymbol = goodsDict("COUNTRYSYMBOL") package("GOODS_ORIGIN") = tmpGoodsOrigin end if end if next Set d = CreateObject("Progistics.Dictionary") d.Value("NAME") = "PACKAGES" d.Value("VALUE") = packages ScriptManager.addMacro d set d = Nothing set Pre_Ship = Scriptmanager set xmldoc1 = nothing End Function<br>



This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

Hazardous Shipping. Resolved Issue with Incorrect Handling of Infectious Detail

An issue has been resolved whereby infectious contact information was printed on hazardous shipping papers for dangerous goods of all classes, causing carriers to reject shipments. Infectious contact detail is now only displayed on appropriate shipments.

FedEx Server. Addressed Issue with Missing Line Items

Resolved issue whereby not all line items were submitted to the carrier for multi-piece shipments. In addition, improved the handling of FreightCharge, OtherCharge, and InsuranceCharge within the FedEx Server Commercial Invoice.

Outputs. Improved Error Handling for Windows Printing

Added enhanced error messages for windows printing to assist when debugging failures. Previously, error messages provided no indication to the cause of failure.

Consolidated Billing. Added Support for Linehaul Billing Options

Users can now select Linehaul billing options when operating with consolidated shipping. In support:

  • Added the third party address type, Linehaul Bill To.
  • Added linehaul billing address to consolidated shipping defaults.
  • Linehaul billing nodes have been added to the consolidated open request.

Also, refer to the XML Schema Changes section below.



This section contains information about minor changes and corrections. It can include issues raised in previous releases that have been corrected.

ATS. Amended Time In Transit Logic

ATS delivery date calculations now include weekends as valid days in transit. Note the following:

  • Only shipments with Same Day Ground or Same Day Air services can be delivered on a Saturday or Sunday, with the agreement of the carrier’s customer services department. The cost of weekend delivery is bespoke to the requirement; thus returned rates do not include any surcharges for the services.
  • The Carrier and Service Selection HTC has been updated to enable users to select the special services Saturday Delivery and Sunday Delivery when using the Same Day Ground and Same Day Air services.
  • Shipment Server processing has been updated to verify the delivery date calculated by ConnectShip. If the date falls on a weekend, and the Saturday Delivery or Sunday Delivery special services are not selected, the delivery date is moved to the following Monday and the associated response nodes are updated accordingly.

FedEx Freight Web Services. Added Support for Recipient Billing

Users can now select Recipient as the billing type when shipping with FedEx Freight Web Services. In support:

  • Added a new option to the Carrier and Service Selection HTC, Collect Terms Type. The field is only visible when operating with FedEx Freight Web Services, and payment type is set to Recipient. The Collect Terms Type indicates how freight charges are handled in the event in which the consignee refuses to pay, and can be set to:
    • Standard – This is a standard collect shipment. Should the consignee not pay the freight charges, the carrier can go back to the shipper to collect freight charges.
    • Non Recourse – The carrier has no recourse on the shipper for freight charges should the consignee refuse to pay; the carrier can refuse to deliver the shipment if the consignee does not pay the freight charges.
  • Added the special services Carrier Collect Terms - Standard and Carrier Collect Terms - Non Recourse for FedEx Freight Web Services.
  • Amended the Generation 1 SendSuite Live Ship project template to ensure the Bill To Phone field is correctly mapped to the Ship button. Also, refer to the Project Template Changes section below.

FedEx Server. Resolved Issue with Priority Alert Services

Corrected an error whereby the FedEx Server services Priority Alert and Priority Alert Plus were not handled correctly by the ship request. Also, refer to the XML Schema Changes section below.



The following templates have been updated and can be used with this release.

Template: SendSuite Live Ship

Version: Generation 1 – 1.21

Comments: Bill To Phone field is now correctly mapped to the Ship button



The following XML Schema changes are included in this release.

For Schema Name:

  • Pierbridge Ship Request


  • Corrected handling of FedEx Server services Priority Alert and Priority Alert Plus

For Schema Name:

  • Pierbridge Consolidated Open Request

Added the following:

  • LineHaul/Billing/Name
  • LineHaul/Billing/CompanyName
  • LineHaul/Billing/Street
  • LineHaul/Billing/Locale
  • LineHaul/Billing/Other
  • LineHaul/Billing/City
  • LineHaul/Billing/Region
  • LineHaul/Billing/PostalCode
  • LineHaul/Billing/Country
  • LineHaul/Billing/Phone


This section includes detailed run down of the changes included as part of FedEx certification

FedEx Server. FedEx Web Services. Carrier service name change.

The following services have been renamed to meet FedEx’s branding requirements:

  • FedEx International DirectDistribution® Surface Solutions renamed to FedEx® International DirectDistribution Surface Solutions.
  • FedEx International Economy DirectDistribution® Service renamed to FedEx International Economy DirectDistribution®.

FedEx Server. FedEx Web Services. Support for new carrier special services:

  • Export Control License Type - DEA-036
  • Export Control License Type - DEA-236
  • Export Control License Type - DEA-486
  • Export Control License Type - DSP-05
  • Export Control License Type - DSP-61
  • Export Control License Type - DSP-73
  • Export Control License Type - DSP-85
  • Export Control License Type - DSP-94
  • Export Control License Type - DSP License Agreement
  • Export Control License Type - From Foreign Trade Zone
  • Export Control License Type - Warehouse Withdrawal
  • Export Control License Number
  • Export Control License Expiry Date
  • Export Control License Trade Zone Code
  • Export Control License Entry Number
  • Loose Dry Ice (FedEx Server only)

FedEx Server. FedEx SmartPost. Support for new formats and sizes for shipping labels:

  • Thermal 4x6 – Image, EPL, ZPL, PDF Raw
  • Thermal 4 x 6.75 – Image, PDF Raw
  • Thermal 4 x 8 – Image, EPL, ZPL
  • Thermal 4 x 9 – Image, EPL, ZPL
  • Letter 8.5 x 11 – Image, PDF, PDF Raw

FedEx Web Services. FedEx SmartPost Web Services. FedEx Freight Web Services. Support for new formats and sizes for shipping labels:

  • Thermal 4 x 6 – Image, EPL, ZPL, PDF
  • Thermal 4 x 6.75 – EPL, ZPL, PDF
  • Thermal 4 x 8 – EPL, ZPL, PDFF Raw
  • Thermal 4 x 9 – Image, ZPL, PDF, PDF Raw
  • Thermal 7 x 4.75 – Image, PDF, PDF Raw
  • Letter 8.5 x 11 – Image, PDF, PDF Raw

FedEx Web Services. Support for PDF and PDF Raw format for the following carrier generated outputs:

  • Hazardous Shipping Papers (OP-900)
  • Hazardous Shippers Declaration
  • Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin, ProForma Invoice
  • ETD Commercial Invoice
  • ETD Certificate of Origin
  • ETD NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • ETD ProForma Invoice (stock size Letter)

FedEx SmartPost Web Services.

Support for PDF and PDF Raw format for carrier generated Hazardous Shipping Papers (OP-900).

FedEx Freight Web Services.

Support for PDF and PDF Raw format for the following carrier generated outputs:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • ProForma Invoice
  • ETD Commercial Invoice
  • ETD Certificate of Origin
  • ETD NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • ETD ProForma Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Bill of Lading (VICS) (stock size Letter)

Note: There is a defect in FedEx FSMS 18.01 regarding rating and routing Ground shipments. SendSuite Live always requests the rate and the estimated delivery date, causing an error to be returned by FedEx Server when using any Ground service with FSMS 18.01. This is a known issue, and FedEx is currently working to resolve it in the subsequent 18.02 product version.

UPDATED: May 24, 2022