How to change default Weight or Dimension units in SendSuite Live

Products affected: SendSuite® Live, Windows 7 32-bit
To change default Weight or Dimension units by localization:
  1. Load the SendSuite® Live Administrators page.
  2. Select the Shipment Server Configuration tab.
  3. Select Reference Data.
  4. Select Localizations.
  5. Select the desired line.
  6. Select Edit.
  7. Make the needed modifications.
  8. Select OK.
  9. Reload the SendSuite Live Shipping screen and test.
To change the Weight or Dimension units in a Gen 2 Mailroom project:
  1. Load the Gen 2 Mailroom project.
  2. Under the Parcel and Line Items section, make changes to either Packages or Content Items, weights, dimensions, or Currency settings. 
  3. Ship the package.


Subject: Incorrect Weights and Dimensions being printed on shipping labels

Initial Details: SendSuite appears to be converting the weights recorded into kgs (even though nothing is being recorded or printed in kgs) and are incorrectly printed on shipping labels (ie. 2lbs is printed as 4.41 lbs) and dimension are also not correct. I talked breifly with a tech about this when working on a different issue and he said this is normal but i think this wrong. It is almost as if the system is converting weights and dimensions when it shouldnt be, Resolution: Changed localization settings for Canada. Defaulted to LB and IN for the customer.

UPDATED: November 03, 2016