Configuring the Deliver to action in SendSuite Tracking Online

Learn how to configure the "Deliver to" action in SendSuite Tracking Online.
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking Online

For faster delivery, the recipient's name can be automatically entered in the Deliver to field. For a more robust chain of custody, you can require the person performing the delivery to select the recipient.

Features availability varies by subscription level. If you have any questions regarding your subscription level, please contact your administrator.

Note: Only users with an Admin role can configure the "Deliver To" action.
  1. Select the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Delivery.
  3. In the Deliver To section, select the desired options from the Desktop and Mobile device menus. Options are:
  • Pre-fill with recipient’s name: The recipient's name will be automatically entered into the Delivered to field.
  • Choose during delivery: The recipient's name must be selected at the time of delivery.

UPDATED: April 13, 2022