Installing ConnectShip updates for SendSuite Live

Learn how to install ConnectShip updates for SendSuite Live.
Products affected: SendSuite® Live, ConnectShip, Progistics Management Console (PMC)
Periodically, it is necessary to install updates to ConnectShip in order to maintain carrier compliance and avoid shipment disruption.

Updating ConnectShip (Progistics Management Console Core Component Z (6.5x) or above):
  1. Select Start > All Programs > ConnectShip Progistics.
  2. Right-click on Progistics Management Console and select Run as administrator.
  3. In the navigation tree, expand Versions and Updates.
  4. On the right, expand Updates.
  5. Select the Show Available Updates button.
  6. Check all updates you wish to install.
  7. Enter your ConnectShip username and password.
  8. Select Download and Install.
  9. When prompted if all open manifests are closed, select Yes.
  10. When prompted to stop Internet Information Services (IIS), select OK.
  11. When prompted to run maintenance, select OK.
  12. Once all updates have been installed, select Close.
  13. Close Progistics Management Console.
Note: Progistics Management Console Core Component Y (6.4x) is no longer supported. If you need to upgrade, please chat with us.

UPDATED: August 03, 2023