How to create and configure commercial invoice for US shipper in SendSuite Live

Learn how to create and configure a commercial invoice for a US shipper in SendSuite Live.
Products affected: SendSuite® Live
To create and configure a commercial invoice for a US shipper in SendSuite® Live:
  1. Navigate to SendSuite Live Shipment Configuration.
  2. Select Shipment Server Configuration.
  3. Select Outputs.
  4. Select Documents.
  5. Select Add.
  6. Select a user and/or group.
  7. Select a carrier.
  8. From the Document Type menu, select Commercial Invoice.
  9. Leave the Active Reports set to the default settings in the Generate From and Format.
  10. Select the ellipsis (...), then select Commercial Invoice.rpx.
  11. Select the desired printer.
  12. Set the number of print copies desired.
  13. Set the Stock Type to Letter 8.5 x 11.
  14. Set the Print and View Resize percentage to 45.
  15. Leave the rest of the configurations set to their default settings.
  16. Select Save.
  17. Test by generating an international shipment. A Commercial Invoice should be produced.
Note: For testing purposes it is recommended to leave the printer type as client. It can be changed later if needed. Also, you may need to reset Internet Information Services (IIS) to apply the changes made in SendSuite Live before testing.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021