Rate Updates for SendSuite Xpress and Ascent

Learn about the most recent rate updates for SendSuite Xpress and Ascent.
Products affected: SendSuite® Xpress, Ascent™
All updates are available via electronic download only. Install IntelliLink Desktop today to keep your system ready for rate change.

You must have Ascent version 10.80 / SendSuite Xpress version 3.80 to perform these updates.

To update:
  1. Make sure that you have the correct software version, then
  2. Follow these update instructions.

Spee-Dee: Effective January 3, 2022  

FedEx Online (FXO): Effective January 3, 2022

You do not need to do anything to update your system for FedEx Online (FXO).

UPS: Effective December 26, 2021  

USPS: Effective October 3, 2021: Time limited rate change  

UPDATED: December 17, 2021