How to find manifest files created by FedEx Ship Manager Server software used with SendSuite Live

Products affected: SendSuite® Live
To find manifest files created by FedEx Ship Manager Server software:

Using FedEx software:
  1. On the server where the FedEx software is installed, select All Programs > FedEx Ship Manager Server > Utilities > Report Viewer.
  2. Expand Meter Number.
  3. Expand the date in question. (Note: It is not sorted by date.)
  4. Select Shipping Summary Report.​
  5. Select File > Export.​
  6. Open the exported file and print if desired.
Alternately, find the PDF in Windows Explorer:
  1. On the server where  the FedEx software is installed, go C:\FedEx\FedEx_Temp\.
  2. Order by Date Modified.
  3. Open the PDF file and print if desired.


Subject: End of Day fails for Fedex. Error No Records Found

Initial Details: Indication: End of Day for FedEx failed yesterday. "No records found" but they shipped 5 ground packages. Resolution: Confirmed via hourlyupload folder and fedex's report viewer that the files were uploaded to fedex. Provided the manifest for their records. Reviewed logs, did not see any errors however do see that they tried to close multiple times. With fedex it will always look for "new" shipments so if it errors the first time then SSL will not get the logs. Customer has no fedex shipments to perform end of day with. Agreed to close case as a one time issue. Will contact us again if issue is ongoing.

UPDATED: July 20, 2016