How to find the login, administration, and setup addresses for SendSuite Live

Products affected: SendSuite® Live
Replace "localhost" with the computer name of server or computer that has the full installation of SendSuite® Live:
  • Projects Administration: http://localhost/SendSuite%20Live/configuration/home.html
  • Projects Login: http://localhost/SendSuite%20Live/projects/login.aspx
  • Shipping Administration: http://localhost/SendSuite%20Live%20Shipping/configuration/home.html
  • Postal Meter Setup: Http://localhost/SendSuite%20Live/resources/Client%20Postal%20Meter%20Setup.exe
  • Printer Setup: http://localhost/SendSuite%20Live/resources/Client%20Printer%20Setup.exe
  • Scale Setup: http://localhost/SendSuite%20Live/resources/Client%20Scale%20Setup.exe


Subject: Scale and Printer not Communicating

Initial Details: Indication: Issue with scale and printer not communicating with SendSuite Live. Said already reset scale and printer. Resolution: Edited the SendSuite Live URLs from FQL domain name to Server name.

UPDATED: September 15, 2016