How to find Canada Post Service ID Numbers for SendSuite Live

Learn how to find the SendSuite Live carrier service ID numbers for Canada Post service articles.
Products affected: SendSuite® Live through version 7.9.00
Use the following chart to find the SendSuite® Live Service ID Numbers for Canada Post.

Note: The Carrier ID for Canada Post is 25.
Canada Post Service Numbers for SendSuite® Live
Service Article NumberEnglish descriptionFrench descriptionSendSuite Live Service ID Number
1469PriorityPriorité 168
908Xpresspost Piece RatedTarif par pièce-Xpresspost169
967Expedited Parcel Piece RatedTarif par pièce-Colis accél.170
966Regular Parcel Piece RatedTarif par pièce-Colis standard171
10103Priority Worldwide Envelope USA Priorité Mondial Enveloppe É-U 
10104Priority Worldwide Pak USAPriorité Mondial Pak É-U 
10105Priority Worldwide Parcel USA Priorité Mondial Colis É-U 
10100Priority Worldwide Envelope InternationalPriorité Mondial Enveloppe International 
10101Priority Worldwide Pak InternationalPriorité Mondial Pak International 
10102Priority Worldwide Parcel InternationalPriorité Mondial Colis International 
1917Xpresspost USAXpresspost É-U173
2125Xpresspost USA Prepaid EnvelopeProduits prépayés-Xpresspost É-U 
6210Xpresspost InternationalXpresspost International177
6470Expedited Parcel-USAColis accélérés - É-U179
984International Parcel SurfaceColis de surf.-Intl176
985International Parcel AirColis-avion-Intl175
1123USA Small Packets Air MailPetits paquets-Avion vers É-U796
12590Tracked Packet - USA Paquet repérable - É.-U. (GEC) 584
12591Tracked Packet - USA (LMV)Paquet repérable - É.-U. (GEC)585
9611Intl Small Packets SurfacePetits paquets-Surf-Intl180
9610Intl Small Packets AirPetits paquets-Avion-Intl174
12592Tracked Packet - InternationalPaquet repérable-International586
Note: SendSuite Live does not support Canada Post Priority Worldwide services.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021