How to create or modify fuel surcharge data for UPS Consolidated US shippers in SendSuite Live

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Products affected: SendSuite® Live
To create or modify UPS fuel surcharges in ConnectShip for SendSuite® Live:
  1. To locate the fuel surcharge list, open a web browser and go to the UPS Fuel Surcharge website.
  2. Confirm the current surcharge rates and their time range.
  3. Select Start > All Programs > ConnectShip Progistics.
  4. Right-click on Progistics Management Console and select Run as
  5. Expand Carrier Configuration.
  6. Expand UPS Consolidated.
  7. Expand the shipper name.
  8. Select Account Configuration.
  9. On the General tab, select Edit/View Fuel Surcharge.
  10. Right-click on Fuel Surcharge Data and select Add Fuel Surcharge Data Set.
  11. Select the Start Date and End Date for the rates based on the UPS website and select OK.
  12. Select Service and Service Modifier (optional) and enter the Percentage values based on the UPS website.
  13. Select FileSave.
  14. In the confirmation box, select Yes.
  15. Select FileExit.
  16. Close Progistics Management Console

UPDATED: August 14, 2021