Rates and Updates for SendSuite Live

Get information about rates and updates for SendSuite Live.
Products affected: SendSuite® Live
All updates must be downloaded and applied:
  • Effective January 21, 2024: USPS Rate Change (ConnectShip)
  • Effective December 24, 2023: UPS Rate Change (ConnectShip)

  1. Before upgrading, back up ConnectShip for SendSuite Live. For instructions, see Backing up ConnectShip for SendSuite Live.
  2. If you are on ConnectShip version 6.5, update your rates in ConnectShip. For instructions, see Updating rates in ConnectShip.
    • If you are not on ConnectShip version 6.5:
      • In order to upgrade to ConnectShip version 6.5, you need to be on SendSuite Live version 6.8.03 or higher. If you need to upgrade to ConnectShip 6.5 or SendSuite Live 6.8.03, please chat with us.
      • If you need to check what version of SendSuite Live you have, see Checking your SendSuite Live version.
      • You will also need to be registered for ConnectShip. If you are not registered, see Registering for ConnectShip for instructions.

UPDATED: January 10, 2024