Resolve cannot rate, ship or Smart Shop with carrier Lone Star Overnight in SendSuite Live

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Products affected: SendSuiteĀ® Live


SendSuiteĀ® Live cannot ship, rate or Smart Shop with carrier Lone Star Overnight (LSO) when using a ZIP+4 postal code (for example, 75202-3716). SendSuite Live is able to ship, rate and Smart Shop with LSO when using a 5-digit postal code.

When trying to ship or rate, the following error is returned:
The following errors have occurred, please correct and try again:
Error returned from Lone Star while attempting to Rate. Code: 550121, Description: Zip code must be 5 digits in length when performing filtered searches.


The LSO carrier's API does not support the ZIP+4 format.


To resolve this issue, use a 5-digit postal code for the shipment.

If you need further assistance, contact client support.

UPDATED: June 03, 2021