Resolve error code 1101031 Invalid EELPFC Format when shipping international with GCS Shipping API in SendSuite Live

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Products affected: SendSuite® Live


When shipping international with GCS Shipping API carrier in SendSuite® Live, the following error is displayed:
errorCode": "1101031",
    "message": "EELPFC has an invalid format, it must contain a proper AES Number, AESDOWN with valid information, or an appropriate Federal Trade Regulation Number.",    "additionalInfo": "Invalid EELPFC Format"

Error message: Reason for export explanation must be used when Reason for Export is set to other.If the reason for export / content type is other the user must enter the content type.;EELPFC has an invalid format, it must contain a proper AES Number, AESDOWN with valid information, or an appropriate Federal Trade Regulation Number.Invalid EELPFC Format


Not enough Custom information is being provided to validate the shipment using the GCS Shipping API carrier.


Enter the required information in one of these two places:
  1. Enter values individually for each shipment in the ship or mailroom project. The line item detail must include one of the following:
  • AES Number
  • AESDOWN information
  • EELPFC (ECCN #). Example: If value is less than $2500, then use either of these two codes:
  • Exemption for Shipments to Canada NOEEI §30.36
  • Exemption for Low-Value Shipments NOEEI §30.37(a)
  1. You can also set up defaults for all international shipments:
    1. ​Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Select SendSuite Live Shipping Administrator.
    3. Select the Shipment Server Configuration tab.
    4. Expand Carriers.
    5. Select International Defaults.
    6. Edit or add a new one.
    7. Enter appropriate SED Method.
    8. Enter SED Exemption Number (EELPFC code).
    9. Enter appropriate Export Reason.
    10. Select Export Code Description.
    11. Enter Export Declaration if appropriate.
    12. Save.
To ensure that the international default is being used by the carrier:
  1. On the left side, expand Users.
  2. Select Carrier Permissions.
  3. Select the carrier being used (GCS Shipping API).
  4. Near the bottom, ensure that the correct International Default edited/created above is selected.
  5. Save.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021