April 9, 2021 SendSuite Tracking Online Release Notes

SendSuite Tracking Online Release Notes for April 9, 2021
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking Online

New features

SSTO-11026 | SSTO-11030

Package Grid. Added a "Modified By" column to the package view grid and data export.


User Import. Added support for importing custom field data in the user import.


Contact Phone Numbers. SendSuite Tracking Online now supports the following special characters in the phone number field for a contact: + - . , [space]. Illegal characters will be removed during import.

Issues fixed in this release


Archived Package Data Grid. Resolved an issue whereby records would not populate the Packages>Archive tab data grid.


Archived Package Search. Corrected a problem that led to the webpage hanging when searching the package archive.


User List Custom Field Search. When searching for custom field values in the user table, records with matches in those fields are now returned, as expected.


Quick Receive - Show Sender. The option to Display Sender in the mobile Quick Receive app now works as designed.


User Record Save Button Grayed Out. Related to SSTO-10922, an issue whereby illegal characters in the phone number field of a recipient would result in the Save button being grayed out. This has been resolved.


Lockers - USPS Reservation Retrieval. Resolved an issue whereby scanning a USPS barcode at the locker kiosk failed to retrieve a reservation for the tracking number.


Lockers - Reclaim Process. Corrected a problem that prevented the Reclaim feature from working as designed.

UPDATED: April 13, 2021