Freeing up ParcelPoint Smart Lockers by removing expired packages

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Products affected: ParcelPointâ„¢ Smart Lockers

As mailroom administrator or locker operator, you can free up lockers for additional reservations and drop-offs by removing expired lockers and their contents. You can remove the expired lockers one at a time, or remove all of them at once.

Removing one expired locker at a time

  1. To remove a single expired locker, tap on the Expired tab on the manage locker screen.
    ParcelPoint View Expired Lockers screen
  2. Tap on and select the expired locker you want to remove.
    ParcelPoint Select Expired locker screen
    A check mark appears on the locker icon.
  3. Tap Remove Package.
    ParcelPoint Remove Expired Package screen
  4. Open the locker door, remove the package and close the door and return to the kiosk screen.
    • If a problem occurs like the locker door fails to open, refer to Report a Problem .
  5. If you are only removing this one locker, tap Done.
    ParcelPoint Remove Expired Package screen
    • Tap Remove Another Package if you want to remove another expired locker and repeat steps 2 - 5.
    • Tap Reopen Locker if you need to reopen the locker for any reason. Refer to Reopening a locker .

Removing the expired lockers all at once

  1. From the manage locker screen, tap on Select All.
    ParcelPoint Remove All Expired Packages screen

  2. Tap on the Expired tab to view all of the selected expired lockers. If there are additional lockers, tap on the right arrow > to view all of the expired lockers.
    ParcelPoint Remove All Expired Packages screen
  3. Tap on Open Lockers. Remove all packages from all lockers and close each locker door.
  4. Once you have closed all lockers, tap Done and the lockers will be available for reservation and drop-offs.

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UPDATED: July 30, 2021