June 11, 2021 SendSuite Tracking Online Release Notes

SendSuite Tracking Online Release Notes for June 11, 2021
Products affected: SendSuiteĀ® Tracking Online

New features

SSTO-10632 | SSTO-10979

SendSuite Tracking Online users may now configure a magstripe reader for use with the system to quickly identify and recall recipient data.

SSTO-10923 | SSTO-10791

Admin users may now add a recipient email address for delivery of failure reports for the automatic data import mechanism.

SSTO-1100 | SSTO-10931

When exporting a delivery report to PDF, users now have the option to include delivery signatures. Additionally, including the signature for an "Undelivered" package report allows users an area on the report to capture ink signatures in the event a mobile device or signature pad is unavailable.

Issues fixed in this release


Bulk delivery will no longer include items with the status "IN LOCKER"

SSTO-10848 | SSTO-10814 | SSTO-10993

AL series lockers now have a package reclaim button available to withdraw from a locker "stuck" packages. This is an admin-only function.


Improvements have been implemented to drastically increase the number of records that may be imported from a file.


The ability to capture more than 1 picture during delivery on a mobile device has been restored.

UPDATED: June 14, 2021