August 14, 2021 SendSuite Tracking Online Release Notes

SendSuite Tracking Online Release Notes for August 14, 2021
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking Online

New features


This feature allows users to place packages in Rear Lockers using SSTO Mobile app.


This feature enables a user to choose ‘Unique ID’ as an option to print on a label while receiving a package.


This feature enables a user to choose a package custom field or the package location to be shown along with tracking numbers on the package list on the card reader delivery workflow page.


The unique ID is shown along with the recipient’s name on the printed label.

Issues fixed in this release


Some contacts won't show up on mobile workflow in drop-downs.


Proof of Delivery buttons missing causing problems saving deliveries


App locks up when using Manifest and tapping the Start Over option.


If a package is already received then it might get deleted when rear-loading fails, it's fixed and now it is not deleted.


When Rear loading, we suppress the email for receive event and only send emails for In Locker event.

UPDATED: September 13, 2021