Creating package alerts in SendSuite Tracking Online

Administrators can create custom alerts for expected packages.
Products affected: SendSuiteĀ® Tracking Online

Administrators can create custom alerts for expected packages. Only users with an Admin role can perform this procedure.

Features availability varies by subscription level. If you have any questions regarding your subscription level, please contact your administrator.

  1. Sign in to SendSuite Tracking Online with an administrator account.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Package Alerts.
  4. Select Add Package Alert.
  5. Select the desired Alert Trigger (multiple selections are permitted):
    • Recipient: The system will display an alert whenever the designated recipient is selected while receiving a package.
    • Tracking #: The system will display an alert when the tracking number entered during package receiving matches the value provided.
  6. Complete the form as follows:
    • Alert name (Optional, Recommended): A user-friendly name for the record
    • Recipient (Required, Visible for Recipient trigger): The recipient for whom the alert is being created
    • Send email notification to the recipient (Optional, Available for Recipient trigger): Select whether to send the package recipient an email of the alert.
    • Tracking number (Required, Visible for Tracking # trigger): The tracking number value for the alert trigger
    • Instructions (Required): The message to display in the alert
    • Email notifications (Optional): Additional email addresses to which the alert will be sent. Press enter after each email address.
    • Status (Required): The status or schedule for the alert
    • Active: Enabled with no expiration date
    • Scheduled timeframe: To start and stop dates for the alert:
      1. Click Select Date Range.
      2. Select the Start Date.
      3. Select the End Date.
      4. Select Apply.
    • Inactive: The alert is disabled.
  7. Select Save.

UPDATED: April 13, 2022