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Share your ETA when you’re OTW
77% of consumers wish more retailers offered estimated delivery time as part of tracking, but more than half notice it’s often inaccurate.
3m read 07/21/22 BOXpoll
BOXpoll Weekly Trackers
Interactive charts with real time consumer data on the pandemic, the economy and ecommerce
2m read 08/29/22 Weekly Trackers
The cat’s ordering charcuterie boards
Episode 6 – Peak Recap 2
04/11/22 BOXcast

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Density, schmensity
Episode 14 – Barriers to multicarrier ahead of peak and 2023
Revisiting the charcuterie cat
Episode 12 - Best practices for upcoming peak season
20m read10/01/22BOXcast
Retailers’ top tracking priorities
Delivery tracking is a highly mature and largely commoditized space with several dozen providers of tracking software, in addition to solutions offered by carriers themselves.
Don't be a hoser: What Canadians expect from online order experiences
This month on BOXpoll, we’re focusing on Canadian consumers, digging into their sentiments about ecommerce with a lightning round of delivery questions.
“Yes, I’m still in Canada”
Episode 13 - Cross-border insights from Canadian and US consumers
20m read09/12/22BOXcast
Revisiting the moonlighting MMA fighter
Episode 11 - Challenges and takeaways from 2021 peak season... and lessons to apply this year.
20m read09/01/22BOXcast
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Introducing: Returnament 2022
Amid all-time-high return rates, Pitney Bowes created a competition to find the best balance between returns convenience and just enough friction
2m read 04/12/22 BOXpoll
The 2022 definition of basically the 2021 definition of fast
Despite being anxious to get back to pre-pandemic lives, consumers are still gauging speed through a COVID lens
3m read 04/12/22 BOXpoll
An evolving definition of returns convenience
Forged during the pandemic, consumers’ definition of ‘easy’ returns continues to shift
8m read 01/21/22 BOXpoll
Curb (or couch) your enthusiasm?
We ask consumers whether buy-online-pickup-somewhere is eating into the popularity of home delivery
2m read 02/21/22 BOXpoll
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Moonlighting MMA fighter
Episode 5 – Holiday Peak Recap
04/01/22 BOXcast
Pretty good...if you don’t remember how Fruit Loops tasted
Episode 4 – Online Brands
01/15/22 BOXcast
A very introspective camel
Episode 3 – International Ecommerce
12/15/21 BOXcast
The cat’s ordering charcuterie boards
Episode 6 – Peak Recap 2
04/11/22 BOXcast


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