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Ezee-Source saves on shipping costs with a free Pitney Bowes account on ecomdash

Apparel e-tailer Ezee-Source has found a way to keep its biker customers happy while throttling back costs with a free Pitney Bowes account on the ecomdash ecommerce platform.

Client profile

Offers gear and accessories for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts.

Sells through multiple channels, including its website, eBay and Amazon.

Offers free domestic shipping and 30-day return policy.

Business goals

Excel in customer service to profit in highly competitive ecommerce space.

Continually seek new ecommerce channels to reach customers.

Minimize administrative overhead.


Significant savings on shipping costs with free Pitney Bowes shipping account and discounted shipping rates.

Easier ecommerce administration with shipping integrated into the same dashboard as order and inventory management.

Easy setup allows more time to focus on expanding the business.

Technology used

Shipping APIs

Easily integrate USPS services into your platform with Shipping APIs from Pitney Bowes.

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An avid biker, Ezee-Source owner Nilesh Desai knows his customers. He stokes his social media channels with the latest riding and racing news, while keeping his ecommerce channels stocked with a large collection of motorcycle gear for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki bikes and riders. Still, the Edison, New Jersey-based entrepreneur knows that savvy merchandising and social media won’t keep him in business, if his products don’t ship quickly and cost-effectively every time.

Business challenge

“With ecomdash and Pitney Bowes, it’s very easy to print labels. It's very quick, and I get the best rates. So, it's a good combination.” Nilesh Desai

Desai started his online business in 2009, selling a variety of merchandise and eventually honing in on motorcycle gear. Ezee-Source now offers saddlebags, sissy bar bags, leather vests, jackets, boots, rain suits and more, which it sells worldwide from its own website, as well as through online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Focusing on a fast-selling product category has boosted profits, but according to Desai, “Customer service is the key element in any online business. And a big part of that is giving customers fast shipping.”

To meet customer expectations, Desai had been using multiple order management and shipping tools. But this became too cumbersome for his small family business. “Dealing with more tools was definitely taking a longer time, and because of this we were not able to give customers faster service. It was our biggest concern, because of our resources.”


“The team at Pitney Bowes has been great to work with, very receptive to anything that has required a customer support response.” Nick Maglosky

Aiming to consolidate his ecommerce tools, Desai tried several online solutions. None had all the features he wanted. Then he found ecomdash, a Pitney Bowes Partner. The multichannel ecommerce platform gave Desai a way to reduce his online tool clutter and stay on top of orders, inventory and shipping across all his channels. Even better, ecomdash offered a 15-day free trial. Desai found ecomdash easy to navigate. “In less than 20 minutes, I set up ecomdash and had my free Pitney Bowes account,” he recalls.

Satisfied with the trial of ecomdash on his website, Desai subscribed to a full ecomdash account and began moving his eBay, Amazon and channels to the platform. Now, Ezee-Source staff see all their unshipped orders on one screen. Package specifications and the preferred carrier for each product automatically populate the fields in every order. (Ezee-Source set this up only once for each product.)  The ecomdash shipping module uses Pitney Bowes Shipping APIs (application program interfaces) for USPS to generate the appropriate shipping rate. Then, Ezee-Source prints the shipping labels for all its orders at once. “With ecomdash and Pitney Bowes, it’s very easy to print labels. It's very quick, and I get the best rates,” Desai says. “So, it's a good combination.”

Results and benefits

The ecomdash platform gave Desai access to shipping options for multiple carriers. For USPS shipments, he realized he could get the best deal by shipping through Pitney Bowes. “Even if it’s a small difference in rates,” Desai says, “this is a very, very competitive business. I want to save any money I can.”

Nick Maglosky, CEO of ecomdash, says the Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs made it easy for his developers to integrate the Pitney Bowes service into the ecomdash platform. And being able to offer an exclusive, free Pitney Bowes account, an annual savings of $180 for customers, made the ecomdash shipping solution that much more attractive to online retailers.

With its success hinging on the seamless integration of multiple services, ecomdash relies heavily on its integration partners. “Ecommerce moves so quickly,” Maglosky says. “That’s why it’s imperative that our partners provide top-notch support. The team at Pitney Bowes has been great to work with, very receptive to anything that has required a customer support response.”

From Desai’s perspective, reliance flows both ways in the supply chain: “We have to continually prove ourselves to maintain our customer’s trust. We look to ecomdash, with efficiency-boosting services such as Pitney Bowes shipping, to help us do just that.”

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