Our Journey Begins Here

Explore our 40 years of history in sustainability.

1979 –

Financially supported Elms Across Europe in tree planting and the launch of The Conservation Foundation in Essex, UK.

Tree planting

– 1980

Launched our corporate responsibility committee.

Solor Field

1991 –

Implemented our Design for Environmental Quality Program (DfEQ), created to incorporate environmental considerations into the design process of our products and solutions.

Green leafed power button

– 1996

Pitney Bowes first participates in the EPA's WasteWise Initiative, a voluntary program to minimize waste generation.

EPA Waste Wise

1997 –

Increased recycle and solid waste reduction in US facilities, leading to EPA WasteWise Partner of the Year award from 1997–2003.


– 2004

Since 2004, we have avoided 271,115 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, similar to removing more than 58,573 cars from the road.

Cars in traffic

2008 –

Released environmentally responsible patents as part of the Eco-Patent Commons with IBM, Nokia, Sony and The World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

wbcsd logo

– 2009

Since 2009, we have purchased renewable energy certificates (RECs), which resulted in over 193,754,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy.

wind farm

2014 –

Implemented the Interfacility Reusable Gaylord Program to leverage reusable gaylords.


– 2018

Opened the Super Center in Greenwood, IN, incorporating 63 robots that perform automated put-away and picking, designed to operate with minimal power and function in minimal lighting.

Promoted remote work environments, reducing commute miles by close to 5 million.

put-away and picking machines

2019 –

Reduced plastic usage by 20%.

Reduced 300,000 miles of driving and saved over 30,000 gallons of fuel by using route optimization software.

Plan to offset 20% of energy consumption through renewable energy by 2025.

Reduced plastic shrink wrap usage by 20%.

Gas pump

– 2021

Named one of America’s Most Responsible Companies by Newsweek.

Americas most resposable companies award