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We've built our sustainability goals around these core initiatives

Fleet logistics and ecommerce shipping efficiencies

Internal movement of goods between sites

Truck facility

Pitney Bowes has over 400 vehicles, vans, trucks and tractors in our fleet.

  • We improve the performance of our vehicles through various hardware and software advances.
  • Trucks are equipped with the latest modifications, including air deflectors, aerodynamic mirrors, upper door seals and integrated antennas.
    • 2020's new additions include tow-hook covers and A-pillar deflectors.
  • Auxiliary power units (APUs) avoid unnecessary fuel consumption due to idling.
  • Route optimization software minimizes drive time.

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Partner with the USPS® for final mile

We utilize the USPS for final mile delivery, instead of building our own redundant, environmentally harmful delivery network infrastructure.

We have a significantly smaller overall environmental footprint than private carriers like FedEx and UPS.

Our packages get a "free" ride to their final mile, allowing our customers to reach 159.9 million delivery points.

How a package sustainably ships to consumers:

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On-site Efficiencies: Recycle or reuse packaging logo
On-site Efficiencies: Recycle or reuse packaging
Freight Efficiencies logo
Freight Efficiencies
USPS Final Mile logo
USPS Final Mile

Reduce energy while improving order fulfillment

By implementing warehouse robots, we are able to reduce our physical footprint, light usage, and heating and cooling.


10 robots use as much energy as one vacuum cleaner
0 wasted energy
While providing a more accurate and faster way to fulfill orders.

Reduce materials used for ecommerce delivery and returns

Pitney Bowes has partnered with Pratt Industries on a cardboard recycling program at our fulfillment, delivery and returns facilities.


9% Traditional retail return rate
25% Ecommerce return rate


This means we need to work harder on sustainability.

Did you know?

Over 165 billion packages are shipped in the US, using enough cardboard to equal more than 1 billion trees.

Other fulfillment, deliver and returns sustainability efforts

Corrugate Recycling

Each fulfillment, delivery and returns facility dedicates a portion of the warehouse to localized corrugate recycling operations. All used gaylords are either placed back into operation for another use or recycled.

Interfacility Reusable Gaylord Program

Since 2014, this program leverages a specialized reusable gaylord for freight movements between facilities with a life cycle of up to 40 turns within the network.

Most of our corrugate in use today is made of at least 35% post-consumer recycled material, some units as much as 50%.

Plastic Pallets

We leverage reusable pallets instead of wooden pallets to reduce carbon footprint and waste.

Plastic/Paper Recycling

We bail and recycle shrink wrap, paper and plastics.


3 Arrows recycling

In 2019, we moved to thinner gauge shrink wrap, reducing plastic usage by 20%.

Energy Conservation

Reduce our energy usage

Pitney Bowes has created an energy task force focused on reducing our energy usage.

projects include retrofitting lights, reconfiguring compressed air systems, upgrading office systems, and implementing alternative, renewable energy sources.

reduced related energy consumption

Recycle and remanufacture

product out of waste streams
  • In 2019, we remanufactured equipment, which diverted over 498,000 pounds of waste from recycling to reuse.
  • In 2019, we piloted a new bailing technology to increase our shrink-wrap recycling capabilities.

Alternative and renewable energy

Support renewable energy resources

We are co-founders of the EPA Green Power Market Development Group.

The group promotes the development and investment in clean sustainable energy through the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs).

In 2019, we were listed within the "Green Power Partnership Top 30" in tech and Telecom, by the EPA.

  • Pitney Bowes is one of the 30 largest US green power users in that category.
row of windmills

Organizations and Awards

SmartWay logo

EPA SmartWay Partner - Current

Steadily improve the environmental performance of our 400 vehicles through hardware and software advances.
ERA green power partner logo

Founding Member of the Green Power Program

As an industry partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we promote the development and purchase of alternative energy.
EPA US logo

2018 Longstanding EPA's Green Power Partnership Participation & Energy Task Force

Reduce our electricity consumption by approximately 34.0 million and saving 16,350 metric tons of CO2.
climate leaders logo

EPA SmartWay Partner - Current

Winner of the 2020 Climate Leadership Award for Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management. We regularly set stringent metrics and goals across all our products, operations and locations.
CDP logo

Founding Member of the Green Power Program

Participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project. Since 2009, we publicly report our carbon footprint using third-party validation and participate in both the Investors and Supply Chain Surveys.
EPA waste wise logo

2018 Longstanding EPA's Green Power Partnership Participation & Energy Task Force

Named to WasteWise Hall of Fame in 2007. In 2019, our waste reduction campaign resulted in the avoidance of more than 3,636 metric tons equivalent of CO2 (MTCO2E).

The future of our sustainability