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The 2024 consumer’s definition of fast shipping
After a turbulent few years, online shoppers’ definition of “fast shipping” has stabilized at an average of 3.1 days for 2024.
Ultra-fast delivery: Worth the hype?
For consumers making casual purchases, the option of free next-day delivery has a negligible impact on cart abandonment, and instead cannibalizes those who would otherwise opt for standard ground delivery. For consumers making time-sensitive purchases, the option of free next-day delivery reduces cart abandonment, but more significantly cannibalizes those who would otherwise opt for store pickup.
Defining “fast” and “too far” above the 49th parallel north
The average Canadian consumer typically travels less than 6 km to drop off an online return and is willing to go almost 9 km.
The Rorschach calendar test goes international
Retailers should avoid setting international shipping prices at checkout based solely on the cost of shipping and consider placing premiums in market where consumers value speed more highly.
5m read11/30/2022BOXpoll
The Black Friday/Cyber Monday report card
34% of consumers are likely to shop online more than they originally expected between now and Christmas.
5m read11/30/2022BOXpoll
Density, schmensity
Episode 14 – Barriers to multicarrier ahead of peak and 2023
“Yes, I’m still in Canada”
Episode 13 - Cross-border insights from Canadian and US consumers
20m read11/01/2022BOXcast
Don't be a hoser: What Canadians expect from online order experiences
This month on BOXpoll, we’re focusing on Canadian consumers, digging into their sentiments about ecommerce with a lightning round of delivery questions.
No post on Sundays
This month on BOXpoll, we wanted to get more insight into how consumers think about delivery days.
The not-so-distant echo of school bells
It’s that time of year again for many parents in the U.S.
America’s ecommerce exceptionalism?
Consumers are willing to pay similar shipping amounts from Canada and China, revealing a belief that it’s just as difficult to deliver items from Canada to the US as it is to deliver items from China.
3.5m read06/15/2022BOXpoll
Let's issue refunds in Bitcoin (and other ways to lower return rates)
Episode 8 - BOXscore Deep Dive Pt. 2
Is tomorrow worth 3 dollars?
Episode 7- Mystery shopping experiences
International carts gone MIA
Expectations around cross-border delivery aren’t changing—but more international shoppers think shipping is too slow.
3m read04/12/2022BOXpoll
The 2022 definition of fast....is basically the 2021 definition of fast
Despite being anxious to get back to pre-pandemic lives, consumers are still gauging speed through a COVID lens
3m read04/12/2022BOXpoll
When faster isn’t actually better
Accuracy continues to win out over speed for estimated delivery dates—even with early deliveries
5m read02/21/2022BOXpoll
Curb (or couch) your enthusiasm?
We ask consumers whether buy-online-pickup-somewhere is eating into the popularity of home delivery
2m read02/21/2022BOXpoll
Throwing pottery on a Peloton while playing Pac-Man
94% of consumers now have a hobby. More than one-third of Millennials and Gen Z are likely to pay for expedited shipping for hobby-related items.
5m read02/21/2022BOXpoll
A very introspective camel
Episode 3 – International Ecommerce
Patience may not be dead... yet
Most consumers prioritize price over shipping speed and brand loyalty. But if delivery is too slow, retailers risk losing the purchase entirely.
6m read11/16/2021BOXpoll
International ecommerce, holiday port congestion and smoked salmon
Episode 2 – Trends in international ecommerce
Ultra-fast? Sure. Ultra-loved? TBD
Market hype has grown around delivery within an hour. But how much are consumers bought in?
6m read10/21/2021BOXpoll
Is waiting still the hardest part?
We ask cross-border consumers how their expectations have changed about delivery speed
4m read10/21/2021BOXpoll
Returning to pandemic pastimes
Hobbies picked up during the pandemic come with higher expectations—especially around returns
5m read09/20/2021BOXpoll
Slow your roll
Fast delivery isn’t as fast as you might think — and might not be worth as much as it recently was.
5m read05/20/2021BOXpoll
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Episode 1 – Impact of vaccine distribution on ecommerce
Speed is in the eye of the beholder
Here’s where distance doesn’t lower shipping expectations among cross-border consumers.
2m read03/20/2021BOXpoll
Consumers may be lacking a sense of urgency
Consumers were slow to get started on online holiday shopping although 36% plan to pay for expedited shipping in the final week of the season
2m read12/15/2020BOXpoll
Reconsidering the need for speed
In the aftermath of pandemic-fueled shipping delays and in anticipation of ecommerce’s largest peak ever—we asked consumers, what does “fast” shipping mean anymore?
4m read11/15/2020BOXpoll
Value wins over values
US consumers prefer ecommerce brands who offer easy order experiences over those who focus on values & beliefs (if given the choice).
3m read10/15/2020BOXpoll
Ho, ho, hold on—where’s my package?
Consumers trust small & local businesses least to deliver on time this holiday season
3m read10/15/2020BOXpoll