Mailer ID Assistance

Mailer ID Assistance from Pitney Bowes Global Services will help you simplify the process of securing a USPS Mailer ID for your mail production equipment.

Meeting USPS requirements can be complicated. We'll provide Gateway assitance, follow up with the USPS, resolve problems and schedule installation for you - enabling you to focus on your core business.

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Get your USPS Mailer ID the simple way.

Achieve faster results

Rely on industry experts to deal with USPS mail requirements.

Optimize performance

Use our proven methodologies to quickly deploy end to end implementation and service.


Drive positive outcomes

Rely on industry experts to improve business results, maximize investments and transform operations.

Mailer ID assistance includes:

• Guidance for completing the USPS Gateway process from Pitney Bowes Deployment Specialists or Field Representatives.

• Resolution of any issues.

• Service personnel to act as a liaison between you and the USPS to diagnose and resolve issues.

• Installation scheduling and follow-up.

Mailer ID Setup Services includes all of the above, plus:

• Completion and retrieval of all required postal information as outlined in the product Statement of Work (SOW), including Mailer ID (MID), Customer Registration ID (CRID).

• First Class and Zip # 4 permit numbers.

• Entry point information including Local Pallet, Tray and Sack key.

• Move update information.

• Account and method of payment information.

Leverage our superior knowledge and expertise.

Pitney Bowes knows all the critical elements of a print, mail and document processing ecosystem. From installation and repair, to preventive maintenance and asset redeployment, PBGS provides a single point of accountability. That means you can eliminate multiple contracts, the complexity of managing multiple vendors and the pitfalls of inconsistent service.

With over 1,200 customer service representatives, PBGS offers support on-site, on-call, online, machine-to-machine and on-machine. We’ve helped 1.5M clients around the world accelerate their time to results. We can help you, too.