Empowering Your Business:
Insights and Strategies for Financial Success

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Cash flow is king

Managing cash flow effectively will help your business to pay its bills on time, purchase the supplies and equipment it needs, and survive long-term. Read more.

Cash flow forecasting

A cash flow forecast will help you work out the potential of the business to make a profit and identify when cash may be a little short. Read more.

Six steps to better cash flow

Your business needs money to survive, so paying attention to techniques you can employ to improve cash flow is critical to your overall success. Read article.

Improving your cash flow

A healthy cash flow means you’ll have working capital to reinvest in your business and sustain its competitive edge .Read more.

Budgeting for expansion

Here are some things you can do to set yourself up for success when the time comes to expand or scale your business. Read more.

Leasing or buying assets

Whether you need to purchase a vehicle, machinery, or larger premises to expand your business and operate more effectively, there is at times a question to answer. Lease or buy? Read more.

Managing and mitigating the major risks of climate change on your business

Almost all industries are threatened by the effects of climate change, either directly or indirectly and most countries are working towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050, but in the meantime, it will probably get worse before it gets better. Read more.

Understanding and improving working capital

Working capital is the cash you have each month to cover any expenses. If your overheads are $100,000 a month, and you want 3 months in advance at all times, then your working capital requirement is $300,000. Read more.

Planning ahead for your business

It’s not always easy, but thinking one, two or three years in advance can help you better predict and react to changing business conditions. Read more.

Glossary of business terms

Key terms from the world of business and finance, offering concise explanations of concepts ranging from accounting and investment to entrepreneurship and financing. Read more.

Trading in a rising interest rate environment

Although the impact of rising interest rates varies by business, it’s usually preferable for most small businesses to have low-interest rates. Locked in, stable interest rates enable businesses to plan ahead and budget against the repayment schedule. Read more.

Financial business resilience

Financial resilience means having a business that not only earns enough income to stay operational, it has money set aside to get through tough times. Read more.

Strenghten the foundation

If you are struggling to find customers due to an unexpected crisis, cash flow is critical to keep the business running while buying time to recover. Here are some ways to create a stronger business. Read more.

Increase profit

There are generally five ways to increase your profit in your business, each having a multiplier effect. Rather than trying to double your sales which is often difficult to do in a short period of time, you’re better to try and increase each of these five aspects by 10% for cumulative results. Read more.

Manage the cash crunch

There are many reasons why small businesses experience sudden cash flow crunches. Read more.