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At Pitney Bowes, we know what it takes to ensure a successful installation or service resolution on the first call. Since the beginning, exceptional customer service has been part of our philosophy. We deliver on that vision by providing our service team with the tools, data, skills and insights to make positive outcomes a reality.

As a worldwide leader, we provide service covering a variety of technologies for our clients all around the globe. Our own service technologies play an important role in offering our superior customer experience. From opening a service ticket to problem resolution and post-service surveys, we utilize technology every step of the way to ensure a “perfect call.”

Our service team answers the call

When you need service, our Contact Center will work to resolve your issues effectively and efficiently. No matter how you reach out to us, our omni-channel support capabilities ensure that our team has a comprehensive view of your past communications and interactions with our support team. This allows us to streamline your service.

Here, resolution time is measured in minutes, rather than hours or days. Our call centers answer 80% of calls within 60 seconds or less. That’s well above industry standards.Perhaps even more importantly, 70+% of the time, our call center staff are able to resolve and close the issue. This means there’s no need to wait for on-site repair.

On point on-site support

Of course, there are times when an on-site visit is required. This may be for a scheduled installation or a repair request. When a technician arrives at your door, we ensure they are well prepared to respond to your issue. Our technicians take courses on servicing various products and are assigned to a work order based on their skill level. Each technician is also assigned zip codes within their service radius. When a client request comes in, sophisticated algorithms within our service dispatch system take into account real-time metrics to identify the best technician for the job.

The parts you need, when you need them

We do everything we can to be sure our service technicians are prepared and ready to install, fix or replace parts on the spot. Each technician has a unique client base and troubleshooting skill set, so no two parts trunks are the same. Using consumption-based planning, we know each technician’s typical usage and can anticipate their supply needs. Our policy is for all trunks to have a 30-day supply of parts and to remain 90% full.

For each country, we also have what we call our top 100 list of parts consumed. These parts are stocked at a higher rate to ensure CSRs always have plenty on hand. The top 100 lists are reviewed quarterly and adjusted based on current trends.

Convenient, knowledgeable service 

When a technician is dispatched, you will receive an email notifying you that they are on their way. For your convenience, this communication will include an estimated time of arrival.

Every one of our service technicians has access to our exclusive Pitney Bowes dashboard (pbGO), putting valuable information at their fingertips. This tool allows our team to manage their work order queues, get details on service requests, locate product knowledge, access training modules, manage parts and, most importantly, prepare and understand the customer environment. As a result, our technicians understand not only the technical requirements for success, but also any specific client requirements or health and safety issues (such as if masks or booties are required).

Expert skills and resources

Our service technicians are highly trained, offering an average of 20+ years of experience and providing service on more than 30 OEM systems worldwide. With over 1M field service dispatch requests annually and a 97% satisfaction rate, our service team consistently delivers.

All of our technicians are trained using leading-edge technologies through multiple learning channels, including:

  • Instructor led/on-site sessions
  • Hands-on product training
  • Web-based courseware
  • Virtual training environments
  • Online job aides
  • Product & mechanical videos for quick refreshers and updates

In addition, our Knowledge Hub (KHUB) provides our service support team with all the information they need to execute flawlessly. Featuring thousands of articles, the content covers product knowledge, service manuals, trouble shooting, break/fix guides and training. Articles are constantly updated based on field experience and feedback. Technicians can even create their own articles to share knowledge and expertise they’ve learned on the job. KHUB also provides quick access to case information, work orders, product analysis and just-in-time insights.

As yet another example of our advanced technological tools, service technicians who require “backup” support can gain assistance from other expert team members using augmented reality (AR) software. This innovative option allows improved real-time communications when solving complex problems from a distance. AR support can work in three ways:

  • Call center to customer
  • Remote field service to customer
  • On-site field service to level 2 support

During the pandemic, we supported 600-800 clients a month this way. Our clients found great value in our ability to support them remotely during this time.

J.D. Power certification

Delivering service excellence is our goal and accreditation organizations have taken notice. In fact, we have achieved the prestigious J.D. Power certification for technical support excellence for the second consecutive year in a row. In 2020, we received recognition for Assisted Technical Support (Phone and Chat). The recognition expanded in 2021 to include certification of excellence in our onsite Field Service Delivery and the many processes supporting our service delivery.

To achieve the 2021 J.D. Power Certified Technology Service & Support recognition, Pitney Bowes had to pass a rigorous audit. This included over five hundred support processes benchmarked against industry leaders in technology, along with detailed self-assessments and in-depth customer satisfaction research.

“Pitney Bowes has demonstrated its commitment to technical support excellence by achieving certification for the second year in a row earning our Certified Assisted Technical Support distinction in 2020 and Certified Technology Service & Support distinction in 2021, and we congratulate them for this honor,” said Mark Miller, Practice Leader, Customer Service Advisory, J.D. Power. “The customer satisfaction research results show that the experience provided by Pitney Bowes was excellent across the channels that make up their assisted and self-service support channels, and their practices are aligned to sustain high performance.”

We never stop perfecting

Delivering client satisfaction is what drives every memberof our service organization. Ratings, comments and trendsare analyzed to guide continuous improvement andtherefore increased satisfaction for all of our clients. Ourcurrent NSAT ratings continue to prove we are offering thehighest quality customer experience.

At Pitney Bowes Global Service, we are constantlyinnovating and investing in our organization. We continueto analyze our processes, workflows and client data toimprove customer service by leveraging new technology.

By combining our 100+ years of experience with thededication of our Pitney Bowes team, we can help younot only achieve, but exceed your goals.


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