New Digital Sending Technologies

Continuing to raise the bar for cost-effective expedited services.

Our SendTech new solutions include Pitney Bowes Same-Day Delivery through our cloud-based PitneyShip™ shipping software sending platform — providing access to a curated network of Pitney Bowes service providers through a single shipping platform. Our SaaS-based sending platform, SendPro® Enterprise, perfectly suits larger organizations adapting to remote working, providing detailed analytics to improve cost control and visibility across entire organizations. A new Smart Locker solution facilitates zero-touch contactless delivery, ideal for organizations with centralized mailrooms, such as enterprises and universities, as well as retailers that are under pressure to meet growing parcel delivery demands, while minimizing face-to-face interactions. Our refreshed PitneyShip™ shipping software solution brings enhanced multi-carrier capabilities for increased choice and greater savings to small and medium-sized businesses.