Get your customer addresses right every time.

ConnectRight™ Mailer

Process mailing lists with a single click. Ensure the best postage rates possible.

Getting your customer addresses right every time is not just important for getting your message into the right hands. Address quality and accuracy directly affect customer satisfaction levels and minor errors can seriously damage your company's reputation. 

ConnectRight Mailer makes these problems a thing of the past. Our address data software integrates powerful correction capabilities with USPS® presort services in a simple to use, intuitive format. Process mailing lists with a single click. Ensure the best postage rates possible. And do it all with one powerful solution. 

First impressions only happen once. With ConnectRight Mailer, they happen the right way.


Get what you want out of your mail 

The best time to correct mistakes is before they happen and with ConnectRight Mailer, you can fix your addresses before you send your mail. Our address data software integrates powerful correction capabilities with USPS® presort services. You can trust Pitney Bowes to keep address information up-to-date so that you’re sending your mail to the right place at the best rate:

  • Save time by processing mail with a single click
  • Updates address information in real-time
  • Reduce postage costs with USPS presort capabilities
  • Simplifies the process of updating address data using interactive address verification

Keep your customers feeling like they matter. Nothing makes customers feel more like “just a number” than receiving duplicate—or inaccurate—mail. ConnectRight Mailer will help you manage data integrity through advanced duplicate management and list management and real-time address updating. 

Improve your mail’s ROI What is your mail response rate, average sale or donation amount? Your undelivered mail or mail delivered to the wrong person are lost opportunities. You have a lot invested in creating the perfect communication—don’t waste it with poor data. 

The more you mail, the more you save. ConnectRight Mailer helps you reduce spend by sorting every qualifying mailing to the lowest possible rates.

The right address is everything 
Getting your mail delivered should be easy.
ConnectRight Mailer makes it easy to maintain accurate addresses so that you can mail with confidence, knowing you have the latest USPS information. And, by keeping your data up-to-date, you have more time to focus on your business.

Deliver mail to your customers on time
Reach your customers on time even after they’ve moved with mail as current as the USPS. ConnectRight Mailer uses full service NCOALink to proactively obtain change of address information.

Your mail will reach rural customers, too.
As times change so too do street names and addresses. ConnectRight Mailer adapts with these changes seamlessly—and automatically. ConnectRight Mailer determines if address conversion is required and then returns any converted address in a standardized, clean format.

Presort Features

  • PAVE™ Gold certified postal presorting
  • Mail.Dat Electronic Documentation
  • Full Service IMb™ Ready
  • Firm Bundles
  • Periodicals
  • Package Services*
  • Palletization*
  • Mixed Weights*

*Features part of the ConnectRight Mailer Business Services Suite 

Data Quality Features

  • CASS Certified™ for address correction, includes DPV®, LACSLink®
  • Adds missing postal data ZIP + 4®, and eLOT®
  • Full Service NCOALink®
  • Manage Duplicates
  • Record Filtering
  • Interactive Address Verification
  • Geocoding
  • List Suppression